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|title="An Imperial Feast"
|series=''[[Star Wars: Forces of Destiny]]''
|episode=14<ref name="An Imperial Feast">{{DisneyYoutube|Cs_vQgnVnIM-U|Star Wars Forces of Destiny <nowiki>|</nowiki> An Imperial Feast <nowiki>|</nowiki> Disney}}</ref>
|airdate=*[[October 29]], 2017 {{C|[[Star Wars: Forces of Destiny: Volume 2|Forces of Destiny: Volume 2]]}}<ref name="Trailer 2">{{DisneyYoutube|2sJ67oyPH7o|Star Wars Forces of Destiny : Trailer #2 <nowiki>|</nowiki> Disney}}</ref>
*[[October 30]], 2017<ref name="An Imperial Feast" />
|director=[[Brad Rau]]<ref name="Entertainment Weekly">{{Cite_web|url=|title=''Star Wars'' highlights female heroes in ''Forces of Destiny'' — first look|accessdate=2017-04-13|last=Breznican|first=Anthony|date=2017-04-13|publisher=Entertainment Weekly}}</ref>
|writer=[[Jennifer Muro]]<ref name="Entertainment Weekly" />
|timeline=Soon after [[Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi|''Star Wars'': Episode VI ''Return of the Jedi'']]
|prev="[[Accidental Allies]]"
|next="[[The Happabore Hazard]]}}
"'''An Imperial Feast'''" is the fourteenth episode of the animated micro-series ''[[Star Wars: Forces of Destiny]]''. It was first released as part of the first [[Star Wars: Forces of Destiny: Volume 2|special]] on [[October 29]], [[2017]] and it was released on Youtube on [[October 30]].<ref name="An Imperial Feast" />
==Official description==
''[[Leia Organa|Leia]] orders [[Han Solo|Han]] to bargain with fellow [[pilot]] [[Hera Syndulla]] for [[Ration bar|rations]] that hungry [[Ewok]]s might enjoy.''
==Plot summary==
Following the [[Battle of Endor]], the [[Ewok]]s are preparing for a feat. They have gathered various fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates. The Ewoks have also gathered several captured [[Galactic Empire|Imperial]] [[stormtrooper]]s to cook for their feast. A gleeful [[Han Solo]] and [[Chewbacca]] are watching and decide not to intervene. They are interrupted by a displeased [[Prince]]ss [[Leia Organa]], who chastises them for letting the Ewoks cook the enemy. Han responds that he and Chewbacca have just arrived. When Leia asks if he is going to stop the Ewoks, Han says "off-course and maybe."
While Han is unwilling to intervene, Leia tells one of the Ewoks that they must let the Imperials go and treat the enemy fairly. The Ewok responds by striking a stormtrooper with his ladle. Leia stops the Ewok and tells Han and Chewbacca that the Ewoks are clearly hungry. She tells Han and Chewie to go to [[General]] [[Hera Syndulla|Syndulla]]'s camp and obtain a crate of [[Ration bar|ration sticks]] to placate the Ewoks and save the stormtroopers' lives. Leia stays behind to keep the stormtroopers safe. A sulky Han reluctantly accedes to Leia's request.
Hera's [[starship]] ''[[Ghost]]'' and Solo's ''[[Millennium Falcon]]'' are parked beside each other in a forest clearing. Accompanied by [[R2-D2]] and Chewbacca, Han visits Hera who is unloading supplies from the ''Ghost''. [[C1-10P|Chopper]] is also present. Han tells Hera that he needs snacks for the "little furballs" and explains that they need ration sticks to stop the Ewoks from cooking stormtroopers. Hera agrees to give him the ration sticks provided he says that the ''Ghost'' is a superior ship to the ''Falcon''. Han swallows his pride to placate General Syndulla and Leia Organa.
Satisfied, General Syndulla allows him to take the rations. Chewie helps himself to a ration stick while R2-D2 and Chopper beep at each other. Han slaps the ration stick out of Chewbacca's hand. Back at the Ewok camp, Leia is involved in a "tug of war" with an Ewok, who is trying to roast a stormtrooper alive. Han, Chewie and R2-D2 arrive just in time with crates of ration sticks. The Ewoks gratefully accept the ration sticks. Leia is pleased with the outcome and credits General Syndulla for saving the day. When Han asks about his contribution, Leia jokes that nobody believes the ''Ghost'' is a superior ship to the ''Falcon''. Han is relieved and tells Leia that she doesn't need to tell him that.
*'''[[Lupita Nyong'o]]''' as '''[[Maz Kanata]]'''
*'''[[Shelby Young]]''' as '''[[Leia Organa]]'''
*'''[[AJ LoCascio]]''' as '''[[Han Solo]]'''
*'''[[Vanessa Marshall]]''' as '''[[Hera Syndulla]]'''
*[[C1-10P]] "Chopper"
*[[Maz Kanata]] {{C|Voice only; in intro}}
*[[Leia Organa]]
*[[Han Solo]]
*[[Hera Syndulla]]
*[[Astromech droid]]
***[[C1-series astromech droid]]
***[[R2 series astromech droid]]
*[[Outer Rim Territories]]
**[[Moddell sector]]
***[[Endor system]]
*****[[Syndulla's camp]] {{1st}}
*[[Alliance to Restore the Republic]]
**[[Alliance Military]]
***[[Alliance Fleet]]
****[[Rebel Alliance Starfighter Corps]]
*[[House of Organa]]
*[[Pirate]] {{C|Voice only; in intro}}
*[[Skywalker (family)|Skywalker]]
*[[Syndulla clan]]
***[[Light freighter]]
****[[VCX-100 light freighter]]
****[[YT-1300 light freighter]]
*****''[[Millennium Falcon]]''
***[[X-wing starfighter]]
****[[T-65B X-wing starfighter]]
**[[Blaster pistol]]
***[[Heavy blaster pistol]]
****[[DL-44 heavy blaster pistol]]
*****[[Han's heavy blaster pistol]]
**[[Ration bar]]
**[[Galactic Basic]]
***[[Redwood tree]]
*{{DisneyYoutube|Cs_vQgnVnIM-U|Star Wars Forces of Destiny <nowiki>|</nowiki> An Imperial Feast <nowiki>|</nowiki> Disney}}
*{{SW|url=news/5-highlights-from-star-wars-forces-of-destiny-an-imperial-feast|text=5 Highlights from ''Star Wars Forces of Destiny'': "An Imperial Feast"}}
==Notes and references==
{{Forces of Destiny episodes}}
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