An address to the New Republic Senate from Leia Organa was a text written by Leia Organa, former senator of the New Republic and leader of the Resistance, as a preface to the Grace Report. It exhorted the New Republic Senate to review the evidence that the First Order had violated the terms of the Galactic Concordance.[1]

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Source:  The Last Jedi: Bomber CommandAttribution:  Leia Organa

Some of you stood beside me in the Imperial Senate when we spoke for worlds that had been silenced by Palpatine's war machine. After the Empire dissolved the Senate, others of you fought beside me in the struggle to restore freedom to the galaxy. And all of you are fellow citizens of a galaxy yearning for peace and prosperity. I hope you will remember these bonds that unite us as you listen to what I have to say.

As a young senator, I saw my homeworld of Alderaan vaporized before my eyes, destroyed by a murderous machine that the Empire had created. The horror of watching so many lives extinguished will never leave me. That moment changed me forever, and made me vow that I would live to see an end to war and the beginning of an era of peace.

But that peace could only be achieved through victory at arms. A noble but misguided few said that those of us who opposed the Empire should surrender and hope for mercy from Palpatine, but that would have sentenced the galaxy to millennia of terror. Our Alliance needed hope—but not blind hope.

The Empire now lies in ashes, but the First Order has risen from its embers. And in the galaxy's shadows, its leaders are directing a campaign that has only one goal: the destruction of the New Republic you have worked so hard to lead.

I wish I were wrong. I would gladly tell my detractors in the Senate that they are right—that I'm an alarmist, a warmonger, and a relic from the last war. But this isn't about me. It's about evidence collected at great cost by brave men and women who seek the same peace we all do.

I have compiled information vital to the survival of the New Republic into the Grace Report. I urge you to read it. It details some of the many ways the First Order has violated the Galactic Concordance, using it as a shield to prepare for war.

You will see how the First Order has created state-of-the-art TIE fighters, attack craft, and new classes of Star Destroyers that not only enforce its will in First Order space, but also threaten neutral worlds in the galactic borderlands.

You will read intelligence reports from Pheryon, Kaddak, and Sheh Soahi and captured surveys from the star systems of the Unknown Regions, where the Empire has hidden shipyards, armories, research-and-development labs, and academies. All of these facilities are now working day and night on a massive military buildup—one far larger than the First Order could possibly need to defend its member worlds.

You will hear testimony from refugees who fled First Order space to warn us of what life is under its rule. Their stories are about property seized, populations relocated, children kidnapped, and dissenters exterminated.

The First Order's leaders are masters of rhetoric, unleashing torrents of propaganda and fear. This is a deliberate strategy designed to distract us from what the First Order is doing in secret, and about which it is silent.

First Order incursions into New Republic space continue to happen, with the resulting diplomatic protests ignored. The First Order's cooperation agreements with neutral systems are enforced by the business end of blasters. And the First Order's calls to civilize the galactic frontier are a story they tell to cover their colonization of star systems—systems that New Republic observers aren't permitted to visit.

No one, least of all me, wants to see war consume the galaxy again. But war is coming, whether we like it or not. Many senators have demanded that I show them evidence the First Order has violated the Galactic Concordance. This report contains that evidence, and it is irrefutable. I urge you to view it with an open mind, seeing what is there instead of what you wish to see. And then I urge you to ask yourself this question: What if the next irrefutable evidence isn't a message from a friend, but an attack from an enemy?

Should that day arrive, what will you do? And what will you tell the people of the galaxy you swore to defend?


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