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Ana Blue (also known as Sinewy Ana Blue) was a female Human smuggler who ran the sabacc games at Skip 1 in the Smuggler's Run. She was known as "Blue" because of a blue jewel she had embedded in a tooth.


The female Human Ana Blue was considered very beautiful. Han Solo won a large amount of money from her on several occasions. She first met Han when he was learning the smuggler trade. She rebuffed his advances, saying he wasn't seasoned enough for her.

Ana also participated in the Battle of Nar Shaddaa by piloting Jiliac the Hutt's personal yacht, the Dragon Pearl, which was also the flagship of the smuggler fleet.

In 17 ABY, Ana later got involved in an operation smuggling former Imperial goods to Kueller in his campaign against the New Republic. When a man she loved, Davis, was killed by one of Kueller's bombs, she revealed all she knew about the operation to Solo. However, Kueller later revealed to his assistant that Blue had done her job well, and ordered a doubling of her pay in accordance with their promise, thus implying that Blue had been an agent for Kueller all along.



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