"Ah, Anachro! Such beauty even in her name! I must make her mine!"

Anachro the H'uun, or Anachro the Hutt, was a feminine H'uun (a low-caste Hutt) who lived on Tatooine during the time of the Galactic Civil War. She was the daughter of Orko and wife of Gorga, Orko's nemesis. To impress Orko and gain permission to marry Anachro, Gorga hired Boba Fett to capture Bar-Kooda. Fett succeeded, and Anachro married Gorga. Nevertheless, the animosity between Orko and Gorga remained, much to Anachro's frustration.

Anachro lands on her kidnappers.

While honeymooning on Skeebo, Anachro was kidnapped by slavers for a million-credit ransom. Gorga once again hired Fett's services following his killing of the pirate Toxus Li. This time, Gorga paid Fett to rescue Anachro. Orko, meanwhile, suspected the entire affair to be Gorga's doing and went to Skeebo as well.

Unbeknownst to either Hutt was the imminent arrival Ry-Kooda, who was seeking revenge for the death of Bar-Kooda, his brother. Despite the conflagration of Hutts, Skavers, and Ry-Kooda, Boba Fett was successful—albeit in an unusual way. Fett attempted to lift Anachro from his swoop suspended from cables, but her weight proved to be too much—she nearly strangled on the cables as well. Fett dropped her into a mine car and she rolled all the way to the exit, where she was launched through the air to land upon a cluster of Skavers. Although flustered and terrified, she was all right.

Anachro later gave birth to Gorga's child.

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Anachro was a female Hutt to be married with Gorga. However, as Hutts are hermaphroditic, it has been retconned that some Hutts consider themselves male and female.

Anachro is the "fat lady" in the title Boba Fett: When the Fat Lady Swings.

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