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Anacondans were a snakelike sentient species.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Anacondans were snake-like sentients[1] whose long, tapering, cylindrical bodies could measure up to 4.7 meters in length.[2] Because they lacked limbs, they moved along on the ground with a twisting movement,[3] using their tails to grab hold of objects.[4] Their heads featured a large mouth filled with needle-like teeth and two expressive eyes with lids, but lacked visible ears.[3]

Their scaly skin could be evenly colored[3] or mottled.[4] Known patterns included rusty grey[3] and red and yellow.[4] Their eye colors ranged from yellow[3] to blue.[4]

The Anacondans possessed speech organs that allowed them to speak Galactic Basic without difficulty.[3]

Society and cultureEdit

Due to their serpentine nature, Anacondans typically wore no clothes at all.[3][4]

Anacondans in the galaxyEdit

By the time of the Clone Wars, some Anacondans had made their way to Coruscant, the capital world of the Galactic Republic. One of them worked as a bartender in Trueping's, a dodgy cantina buried in the depths of Coruscant.[4]

Another Anacondan, named Morley, lived on the junk planet Lotho Minor. Morley cut a deal there with the exiled former Sith Lord Darth Maul as a means of survival.[2]



Notes and referencesEdit

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