Anakin's Pit Droid is a children's storybook written by Justine and Ron Fontes and illustrated by Christopher Moroney. It is a Jedi Readers Step 2 (Grades 1-3) young readers publication. It tells the story of Pit Droid DUM-4 and his search for a part needed for Anakin Skywalker's podracer just before the Boonta Eve Classic in Episode I.

Publisher's description[]

Dum-4 is a silly but loyal little droid who has a big task on the day of the Boonta race. Anakin's Podracer is malfunctioning – it needs a power plug, and fast! Just before the race begins, Dum-4 is called on to retrieve the part. Getting the part is not easy. Dum-4 does his very best, and is able to get the part to Anakin's Podracer in time. Anakin wins the race, and Dum-4 proves he's a winner too.



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