Analysis was a department within the Intentions branch of Alliance Intelligence. The largest department of the Intentions branch, Analysis analyzed data provided by Cryptology, Interrogation and Operations to determine whether the information was accurate or false. Analysis also prepared intelligence reports for sector intelligence units, as well as daily briefings for the Chief of Intelligence and the Supreme Allied Commanders.[1]

In the beginning, Analysis was swamped with information that it could not hope to process; too many reports and not enough personnel to sift through everything. As a result, Alliance High Command and sector forces were woefully underinformed about Imperial intentions and plans. To remedy the situation, a sub-unit called Triage was formed with a single goal—to pre-judge all information on its usefulness at the point of entry, filing and discarding any report that was not obviously vital. While this system no doubt caused many important and useful reports to be discounted, Intelligence operatives believed it was better to act on partial information as quickly as possible rather than wait for the data to be processed and most likely out of date.[1]

Analysis HQ was located with the High Command, and every Sector Command Headquarters had an Analysis office on site, as did the flagship of the Alliance Fleet. Analysis was staffed by hundreds of operatives, including statisticians, interpreters, correlators, and retired field agents, support by droids and computer. Analysis offices separate from the main headquarters focused on information relating to their area of operation, taking the load of the main Analysis office and allowing data to be acted on quicker by local forces.[1]

The Analysis office was responsible for the issuing of the SecuriDex files on potential threats to the Alliance. Despite being issued by Analysis, SecuriDexs were not authored solely by Analysis staffers. Usually, they were written by active operatives within Passive Operations and Systems Operations.[2]


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