"Analytics? You trying to turn me into some kind of number-crunching desk-jockey?"
―Theron Shan on his reassignment.[src]

The Analytics Department was a division within the Republic Strategic Information Service that was in operation by the end of the Cold War. It was based on the third floor at headquarters and considered strictly office based work compared to field operations. Despite this being the case, they were considered a vital component of the SIS.

After an incident at Nar Shaddaa, the Director of Republic Strategic Information Service decided to place agent Theron Shan in analytics for three months rotation as part of his punishment for his actions. At the time, they were working on a special assignment for Jace Malcom as part of Operation End Game. Shan, however, was not happy with the reassignment though the Director claimed it would make him a more rounded agent with experience in another department.


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