"Facial ID confirms you're Anandra Milon, age sixteen, 3204 resident scheduled for relocation."
―A stormtrooper identifies Anandra Milon[1]

Anandra Milon was a female human from the planet Alderaan who had immigrated to the planet Coruscant by the time of her homeworld's destruction in 0 ABY. After witnessing stormtroopers beginning to arrest other Coruscant residents from Alderaan due to fear of rebel recruitment, she fled her family's apartment on Level 3204 with her brother Santigo Milon. Following several days spent fleeing the Galactic Empire, she was offered work by a Pau'an criminal on Level 1997, but she refused the work as it would require her to be separated from her brother. After being spotted by a stormtrooper on Level 1997, she fled to Level 1996, where she waited to delay the trooper while Santigo escaped. When the trooper arrived, the pair fought briefly, before a Herglic criminal arrived and killed the stormtrooper. Following the criminal's advice about finding help on Level 1782, Anandra reunited with Santigo, and the siblings made their way to 1782 where they discovered a camp of fugitives from the Empire. The fugitives provided Anandra and Santigo with food and welcomed the pair into their group.


Early life[]

The human female Anandra Milon was an immigrant from Alderaan who lived on Level 3204 of the city-planet Coruscant during the reign of the Galactic Empire.[1] She lived with her mother, father, and her younger brother Santigo Milon. Born in around 16 BBY,[2] Anandra was sometimes looked after by her next door neighbor as a child. She lived through the Old Market Sector riots and the relocation of members of the Mon Calamari species that followed, although due to her age at the time, she had no memory of the events. At one point in her childhood, she secretly visited Level 1997—a shady district of Coruscant—with her school friends, where they took a holocam picture before leaving.[1]


"You and Santigo will be safe"
―Anandra's mother tries to reassure her children shortly after their homeworld's destruction[1]

When she was sixteen, following her homeworld's destruction by the Empire[1] in the year 0 BBY,[3] Anandra and her younger brother Santigo witnessed the other residents of Level 3204, many of whom also hailed from Alderaan, begin to hold vigils for the lost. However, the vigils turned into riots as more information became available about the Empire's role in Alderaan's destruction. The riots drew the attention of the Empire, who began to crack down on the remaining Alderaanians. Stormtroopers shot Reffe, the neighbor of Anandra Milon's uncle, in the street as he gave a tirade against Imperial corruption. Once the troopers were gone, Anandra's mother attempted to reassure Anandra and Santigo over breakfast that they were now safe and that their father would return home from his trade mission soon.[1]

Anandra fled Imperials on Coruscant with her brother Santigo.

The day after Reffe's death, stormtroopers began arresting people in the streets of Level 3204, which no longer had HoloNet services making spreading news more difficult. Anandra and her family remained in their apartment, where Anandra stopped Santigo from watching the arrests from the windows while her mother cried. The troopers came door to door the following day explaining that Alderaanians were being taken in for questioning as rebels had been recruiting in the area. Anandra heard rumors from people, including her next door neighbor, that second-generation immigrants were being relocated instead of arrested. The Milons then did not leave their apartment for the rest of the day, and their mother locked herself in her bedroom. Before the stormtroopers arrived at their home, Santigo and Anandra hid in the fluid bucket of a cleaning droid that Anandra suspected had been reprogrammed by their neighbor to visit the Milon house on a day not following its normal schedule.[1]

The droid spirited the pair away while stormtroopers arrived at their house and encountered their mother. Once they had escaped, the siblings made their way to Level 3108 to meet with an old family friend and their mother, but the friend refused to help them and their mother never arrived. The pair was redirected by the friend to Level 2142 to meet a smuggler who would transport them offworld. However, Santigo refused to leave without their mother until an encounter with the Coruscant underworld police allowed Anandra to persuade him otherwise.[1]

Life on the run[]

"Come on kid. You got a raw deal, but it's not the end of the world."
"It kind of was."
―A stormtrooper and Anandra talk about the destruction of Alderaan[1]

Anandra fought a stormtrooper on Level 1996.

The siblings arrived on Level 2142, where they spent four hours sleeping in an alley. The following day—two days after the transport they hoped to travel on had left—Anandra approached a stall named Hangra's Meat Shack where she was given some packets of meat and cheese by an old man operating the grill, after asking him about the Centax-3 delivery. She brought the food back to the alley where they had slept the previous night, where Santigo was waiting, and the pair shared the haul. They then moved onto Level 1997, where the man from Hangra's Meat Shack had told Anandra that they could find someone willing to aid them in escaping the Imperials.[1]

On Level 1997, Anandra brought Santigo with her to a cantina where they met with a Pau'an criminal and his Herglic partner, a species Anandra had never encountered before. The Pau'an was willing to take on Anandra as a delivery girl who would deliver products like spice and death sticks to his clients, but would not take Santigo, as he was only eight years old. Unable to persuade the criminal to change his mind, Anandra turned down the offer, after which the siblings fled when a stormtrooper and a member of the Coruscant underworld police entered the cantina.[1]

Anandra managed to get down to Level 1996 with Santigo, where she told her younger brother to separate from her. As he fled, she waited on a walkway above Level 1995 for her pursuers, and soon the stormtrooper arrived and attempted to arrest her. At first pretending to surrender, Anandra managed to surprise the trooper and toss away his blaster at the cost of suffering several blows. She then managed to remove the trooper's helmet, before he was lifted and thrown from the catwalk by the Herglic from the cantina, who had followed the trooper down. Before leaving, the criminal revealed that Anandra might find shelter on Level 1782. After reuniting with Santigo, Anandra followed her unlikely savior's advice and traveled to 1782, where she and her brother searched the junkyard-filled level for nearly an hour. They then encountered a Mon Calamari, who Anandra at first tried to rob with the stormtrooper's blaster, before he showed them to a camp of other fugitives from the Empire. The occupants of the camp welcomed the two children and comforted Anandra when she began to cry, after which the siblings were fed and given somewhere to rest.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"It's gone. Just like Alderaan. Get used to it."
―Anandra snaps at her brother when he asks for starblossom[1]

Anandra Milon hailed from the planet Alderaan and had brown hair, fair skin, and brown eyes. While on the run from the Empire, she was highly protective of her younger brother, refusing the Pau'an's job offer in order to avoid being separated from Santigo and later remaining behind to delay the stormtrooper on Level 1997 so that her sibling could escape. Despite this protective attitude, she still snapped at Santigo when he wished that he had starblossom to eat instead of the scraps from the meat shack, although she later felt guilty for the outburst. She also came to regret her decision to turn down the Pau'an's job offer, as she believed Santigo would have been tough enough to survive while she was working, and the job was their last offer of refuge.[1]

The loss of Alderaan and becoming a fugitive put large amounts of emotional and physical strain on Anandra, despite the fact she had never considered the planet her home before the vigils held after its destruction. After several days spent on the run, Anandra was exhausted and angry, and when the man running Hangra's Meat Shack looked down at her with condescension, she wanted to drag him over the counter and yell at him until everything was better. When the Imperial confronted her on Level 1997, she was surprised to find herself feeling giddy and managed to outsmart him. The fight had a lasting effect on her, as upon meeting the Mon Calamari on Level 1782, the memory of the pain the stormtrooper had caused led her to use the trooper's blaster in an attempt to rob the alien. However, despite her thoughts of how the standoff could end poorly, Santigo and the Mon Calamari convinced her to lower the weapon by her brother and follow the alien. After being brought to the fugitive sanctuary, all of the impact of her time on the run caught up with her, and she was overcome with emotion, breaking down into tears at having found friends and safety.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Anandra Milon appeared as the main character in "One Thousand Levels Down," a short story written by Alexander Freed and published in Star Wars Insider 151[1] on July 22, 2014.[4] The story was illustrated by Joe Corroney and Brian Miller.[1]


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