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"You just have to wait and hope things get better."
―The mechanic tries to reassure Anandra Milon[src]

A female droid mechanic lived next door to the Milon family on Level 3204 of the planet Coruscant by the time of the destruction of the planet Alderaan. Years prior to the destruction, she babysat the Milon's eldest child Anandra Milon. During the Old Market Sector riots her father gave her a B-14 airspeeder, her first airspeeder, which he had found left behind by a Mon Calamari family who had been relocated by the Galactic Empire. When Imperials started arresting or relocating Alderaanians after the planet's destruction sparked riots on Level 3204, the mechanic told Anandra about what was happening and spoke about how it had previously happened to the Mon Calamari. When Anandra and her brother Santigo Milon later escaped the Imperials in the bucket of a re-programmed cleaning droid, she suspected that it had been the mechanic who sent it to help them. The mechanic had blonde hair and a chipped front tooth.[1]

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The droid mechanic was first mentioned in "One Thousand Levels Down", a short story written by Alexander Freed and published in the 2014 Star Wars Insider 151. The story did not give her name or species.


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