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Ananuru City was a city located on the planet Ananuru. It consisted of a spaceport as well as support facilities for the Ananuru Express and was protected from the dangerous planet by a force-dome. Though the price of parking ships at the spaceport was exorbitant, it was possible to park outside of it with the risk of dust damage to the vessel. From the spaceport, passengers of the Express would walk along a short parade of shops to get to the Express station. These shops were extremely pricey and sold everything from toiletries or high-fashion ballgowns. In these shops you could also find a range of souvenirs from holos of the dust bowl to models of the Express itself. Luggage was generally taken separately from passengers and all weapons would be removed with no exceptions. Generally the customs examinations were extremely lax but when the Express was auctioning off a secret Imperial RNA brainwashing virus, the officers were under orders to spot suspicious characters, but not challenge them.