"This is the ancestral retreat of the Shu-Torun royalty. I can think of no better place to contemplate our future."
Queen Trios shows the Imperials the retreat[src]

The Ancestral Retreat, also known as the Imperial Retreat,[3] was a sacred site for the royalty of the planet Shu-Torun, and was considered one of the world's wonders. The adamantine shoals swam in the magma surrounding the structure, which was located close to an active volcano. By the time of the War on Shu-Torun, it had been a peaceful location for thousands of years, and Queen Trios traveled there with her Imperial allies during the fighting in order to plan her next move and remind herself of what she was fighting for. Despite its sacred status, the retreat was then attacked by the Lava Leviathan, a vessel owned by the rebellious Ore-duke Baron Rubix who hoped to kill Trios. Trios attempted to flee from the retreat in a shuttle, but the Sith Lord Darth Vader commandeered the vessel and used it to board the leviathan with his Imperial allies Morit Astarte and Aiolin Astarte. The trio then sunk the vessel and returned to the retreat with Trios.[2]

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