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Anchor Blue was a fierce male Houk gladiator who participated in the free-for-all gladiatorial brawls in the Cauldron on Rattatak. However, he did not rely solely on his natural size and strength.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Anchor Blue's Rattataki patron installed a sinister device in the base of the Houk's vibroblade. At a touch from his remote control, an electrical pulse would send searing pain through Blue's body. While in the arena, pain-induced rage made him a deadly fighter. Another setting would pump sedatives into Blue's bloodstream, calming him. Blue eventually became addicted to these sedatives, which allowed his patron total control over the gladiator.

He was eventually killed in the arena by Asajj Ventress during the brawl which established her as Count Dooku's protégé.

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