The Anchorhead Base or Mos Eisley Base was a minor training base of the Rebel Alliance, dug into the Beggar's Canyon on Tatooine, with a small base of operations located in the lower basement level of the small cafe in Anchorhead.


The only known Rebel military presence on Tatooine, it served as a staging point for Rebels tasked with the purchase of black market weapons from various shady contacts in nearby spaceports such as Mos Eisley.

The destruction of Anchorhead Base.

The base trained rookie pilots in the treacherous walls of the canyon with the Incom T-16 skyhopper. It was here where Rookie One flew his first training session for the Rebel Alliance.

It was also the base from which the attack against Devastator was launched before the Battle of Yavin, but the Rebels were tracked down and the base was destroyed by three TIE/LN starfighters.

Known personnel[]


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