Anchoron was planet in the Anchoron system of the Mayagil sector. The Human Anchoroni were known for their flowery speech, genteel decorum, and politeness.


Some time before 2 BBY, former Senator Garm Bel Iblis was scheduled to give a talk against the New Order at the local Treitamma Political Center shortly before the destruction of Alderaan. Director of Imperial Intelligence Armand Isard, hoping to rid the Empire of the troublesome politician, rigged the building to explode. While Bel Iblis arrived on schedule, the senator left the building before the planned speech to rendezvous with Aach, who informed him of the Death Star information Rebel agents were bringing to Darkknell. During their discussion, the Center blew up, killing Garm's wife Arrianya and their two children. The murder of his family drove him into the arms of the Rebel Alliance. As Garm was widely assumed dead, this allowed him to operate as a Rebel agent anonymously. From Anchoron, Bel Iblis traveled to Darkknell to recover the Death Star plans from Rebel agents.[3]




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