"Welcome to the Ancient Abyss; a place of sacrifice, since time immemorial."
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The Ancient Abyss was a sacred sarlacc pit on the planet Felucia, the largest known sarlacc specimen in the galaxy. At the time of the Galactic Civil War, a Felucian city existed between the teeth and gums that stretched four kilometers around its maw.[1] The tendrils of the sarlacc were so large that they were capable of dragging large beasts such as rancors into the creature's mouth.

History[edit | edit source]

The Pit was used as a sacrificial place by the native Felucians for many years prior to the arrival of Jedi Master Shaak Ti.

After learning that Darth Vader's assassin, Starkiller, had arrived on Felucia to kill her, Shaak Ti made her way to the Ancient Abyss, where she confronted the aspiring Sith apprentice. During the battle, Shaak Ti's rancor mount was attacked by a tentacle of the giant sarlacc, which forced the beast into its maw, where it was consumed.

Shaak Ti attempted to use the massive sarlacc to kill Starkiller; however, she failed, and he defeated her. Wounded, she gave a warning to Starkiller that the Sith always betrayed one another, before willingly falling into the maw of the sarlacc.

The Ancient Abyss placed under Imperial control.

Following Shaak Ti's death, Felucia fell into darkness. Under the influence of Maris Brood, Ti's former apprentice, the Felucian tribes turned into savages. Then the Galactic Empire arrived and took control of the planet, and began to exterminate the entire Felucian species. Many of the Felucians fled into the sarlacc, so the Empire constructed a stabilizer which held the creature down and allowed passage into its maw, restraining its tendrils and ripping its teeth out.

When Starkiller arrived once again to search for Senator Bail Organa, he sensed the creature's pain and freed it of the chains restraining its tentacles. He proceeded to use the stabilizer lift to search the creature's inside for Organa, before being spewed out of its lung.

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