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Ancient ruins were located on a planet in the Maw that was home to Abeloth—a powerful dark side entity. It was also found in the realm of the Force known as beyond shadows, which was commonly accessed by the Force-sensitives known as the Mind Walkers, who reached the realm by separating their minds from their bodies. The ruins housed the Font of Power, a fountain that offered unlimited to power to those who drank from it. The ruins were covered by sinuous designs that appeared to be vines or tentacles, resembling the ophidian grotesques style on Coruscant. The symbols were recognized by Sith High Lord Sarasu Taalon as those affiliated with the Destructors—a race of beings in the Keshiri mythos who wiped out civilization every few eons; a legend that the Lost Tribe of Sith had come to believe as true.

Following the defeat of Abeloth in 44 ABY by a joint Jedi and Sith strike force, the Jedi and Sith commanders, Luke Skywalker and Sarasu Taalon, explored the ruins on the world, hoping to learn more about Abeloth's nature from them.

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