"'Asteroid mover?' Is that what they call it? 'World Killer' is more like it! Ah, those Jedi, so lacking in ambition."
―Andal Sait[src]

Andal Sait was a male Human who served as captain in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War. In 1 ABY, he commanded the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Blackguard. He went rogue and attempted to sell his command to Black Sun in the Bright Jewel system, while declaring himself to be a Grand Admiral.


He showed interest in obtaining the Codex of Tython, an ancient Jedi holocron discovered by the agents of the Rebel Alliance. Looking to complete the Codex, a Rebel agent smuggled himself aboard the Blackguard, trying to obtain Sait's piece of the holocron. However, the fragment was secretly stolen from Sait by Adrick, an ambitious Imperial officer. The Rebel got into a firefight with Adrick and Sait, during which Sait escaped and Adrick was forced to hand over the fragment, before departing the Star Destroyer in a shuttle.[1]

The holocron was reassembled and taken to Dantooine, however an ISB agent managed to recover it from Rebel hands. He contacted Sait, showing him the plans for a massive device that moved asteroids, stored in the holocron. Such device could crush a starship with its power or be used to bombard a planet with asteroids. Sait became interested by such a superweapon and asked the agent to deliver the holocron to him, along with the focusing crystal needed for the weapon. This allowed the Imperial engineers to install the superweapon aboard the Blackguard.[2]

Later, Sait organized a ceremony to present various officers and dignitaries his newest acquisition—a CY-M Prototype battle droid—recovered by his troops on Mustafar. Unknown to all the guests, a group of undercover slicers aboard the Star Destroyer altered the programming of the droid. The CY-M, armed with a large vibro-ax, jumped into the crowd and started swinging its weapon in a deadly move. However, the droid was soon pushed into a nearby airlock, which was immediately opened into space.[2]

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Andal Sait was created for the Sony MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies Star Destroyer Heroic Encounter mission that was added to the game in early 2008. Star Wars Galaxies was shut down on December 15, 2011.



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