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Andara was the largest planet in the Andaran system, a star system in the Core Worlds.


The seat of power in the system, Andara grew wealthy and powerful over the centuries, controlling a vast voting bloc in the Galactic Senate. With the construction of the Leadership School, Andara became host to many of the galaxy's elites' children who were in training to take power one day.[3]

In 26 BBY, a power struggle erupted in the Senate as Senator Berm Tarturi vied to maintain his own power, while the world of Ieria, claimed to suffer under his leadership. As the conflict escalated Tarturi's son, Gillam, was thought kidnapped from the Leadership School. Fearing that the Ierians had taken his son, Tarturi turned to the Jedi High Council for assistance. While listening to the senator's fears, the Council had its own suspicion that a small group of students was behind the kidnapping, as they were hiring themselves out as mercenaries and thugs. The Council dispatched Padawans Anakin Skywalker and Ferus Olin to mediate the situation while their masters, Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi, investigated the political aspects of the conflict. Disguised as transfer students, the Jedi Padawans infiltrated the upstart militant group forming in the school consisting of students Rolai Frac, Tulah, Hurana, and Ze. Skywalker eventually discovered that Gillam Tarturi wasn't dead, but in fact the leader of the group. Following along on a mission to Ieria, the group turned on Skywalker and attempted to murder him. Skywalker defeated all six members of the gang and escorted them back to Coruscant for questioning, while the other Jedi calmed the tensions rising in the Senate.[3] Following the Galactic Civil War, during the Star Wars: Dark Empire crisis, Andara was besieged by the Empire's war machine coming out of the Deep Core.

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The planet Andara was created for by Jude Watson for her junior novelization, Jedi Quest: The School of Fear. It was later charted on a map of the Core Worlds in the The Essential Atlas.



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