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"This Keep belongs to the Malevolence, intruder! It is death for strangers to walk here!"

Andeddu's Keep was a fortress constructed on the Deep Core planet of Prakith, designed to serve as the stronghold of Darth Andeddu, Dark Lord of the Sith. Far removed from any form of established civilization, Lord Andeddu used the Keep as his personal repository of Sith lore, and also as the location of his secret tomb. Prior to his death, Darth Andeddu fled the Sith homeworld of Korriban and returned to his fortress, in an attempt to elude capture by those who desired his knowledge for themselves. He entered the Keep's innermost chamber, and sealed himself—and his knowledge—within a sarcophagus. Followers of Darth Andeddu known as the Malevolence continued to reside within his fortress for millennia after the Dark Lord's passing, immersing themselves in the dark side of the Force while awaiting his return.

By 137 ABY, Andeddu's Keep had fallen into a state of utter disrepair, but was still occupied by the Malevolence. They were present when the Sith Lord Darth Wyyrlok III arrived on behalf of his Master Darth Krayt in search of Lord Andeddu's ancient wisdom. The Keep was the scene of their demise, as Wyyrlok slew nearly all of them before forcing Gerlun, the only survivor of his wrath, to lead him to Andeddu's hidden sanctum.


Darth Andeddu's Keep was a sprawling fortress located on the Deep Core planet of Prakith. It was situated in the side of a mountain range, and was hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest inhabited city. Its entrance was adorned with massive gates that protected the grounds from unwanted visitors. Upon entering the Keep, visitors passed into an antechamber of considerable size; several paths diverged from this hallway, each leading to a different location within the fortress.


"Intruder! Intruder! Intruder! Intruder!"
―Voices of the Malevolence[src]

Aside from being the primary residence of the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Andeddu, the Keep was also the domain of the disciples of his cult, the Malevolence. The cultist maintained stewardship of the dwelling long after Andeddu's physical death upon his strict instruction. Though not usually accustomed to receiving company, outsiders occasionally happened upon the Keep. It was then that the Malevolence cultists, being students of the dark side of the Force, began to harass the intruder. They took up positions in various locations obscured by darkness and shadow, where they howled and called to the foreigner in attempts to frighten them into leaving the Keep.



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