Ando: Planet of the Walrus Men was a Planet Hoppers article from July 2003, covering Ando. The article was written by Cory J. Herndon.


Any Port in a Storm
"In which an escaped Mon Calamari slave finds refuge on the dangerous water-world Ando."
Lucky Break
"In which young fugitive Mon Calamari Sissalik meets his new boss -- the Aquala captain of the trawler Nanda's Luck."
When Rocks Swim
"In which "Slick" Sissalik nets his first Andoan mineral-fish from the deck of the Nanda's Luck."
She Is the Pirate Queen
"In which the Nanda's Luck has an unlucky encounter with the infamous Quara pirate Pyash Yopayomba."
Portage Moon
"In which Slick is caught up in a plot to incite a new Aqualish civil war at the annual Festival of the Portage Moon."


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