Andobi Mountain Run

A portion of the Andobi Mountain Run track

The Andobi Mountain Run was a Podracing track on the frigid world of Ando Prime, and the fourth of seven races in the Galactic Podracing Circuit. The track combined the hazards of its lesser variants with a run through the branching, narrow mountain canyons. The Gran Mawhonic was the track favorite.


As with the first two tracks on Ando Prime, the race would begin at the north end of the circuit, near the Bendu statue. From there, racers would wrap around one of the mountains and make their way through fairly tight caves interspersed with small plains through the range.

Live Race- Ando Prime- Andobi Mountain Run

Andobi Mountain Run

After crossing the old wooden bridge, racers had to weave through a cave primarily made up of one long chicane. Upon exiting the chicane, racers would find themselves facing a long ramp and the abyssal depths of Howler Gorge. With enough speed a skilled pilot could jump both the downhill slope and the gorge before landing on a large chunk of ice that often caused racers to fishtail wildly.

Very soon thereafter, racers found themselves forced into the narrow entrance to a service tunnel underneath the Andobi Mountain Pipeline. One of the most dangerous segments of the track, the tunnel was only slightly wider than most podracers and at one point split suddenly in two before coming back together.

As pilots left the tunnel behind and entered into the backstretch they were granted a breather in the form of a wide-open frozen plain. That breather was short-lived, however, as racers were then thrust into the treacherous, branching crevasse. After exiting the crevasse, it was just a short run to the finish line and the completion of one of the course's three laps.


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