The Andobi Mountains were a mountain range on the planet Ando Prime. The ancient resting place of a Tho Yor, the ship took a large group of Dai Bendu monks from the world when it departed for Tython in the millennia before the Galactic Republic's formation.

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A hologram of a podrace held at the base of the Andobi Mountains

A snow-covered mountain ridge, the Andobi Mountains became the resting place of a Tho Yor sometime before 37,453 BBY. When the native Talid people discovered the ancient and alien structure, the Order of Dai Bendu monks established the site as a holy space and practiced meditation around the base of the structure. For over a millennium the monks contemplated the mysteries of the foreign construct until it one day began to sing to the monks through the Force. Hearing the Tho Yor's song, the Dai Bendu boarded the Tho Yor, and the ancient edifice lifted out of its cradle in the mountain's slope and left Ando Prime forever.[1]

By the 22 BBY, podraces were held near the Andobi Mountains and were broadcast for entertainment. One such race played on a holoscreen at the Outlander Club.[2]

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