"Andoorni is a huntress who decided that joining the most celebrated hunting band in the galaxy—Rogue Squadron—is a way of furthering her reputation."
Ooryl Qrygg[1]

Andoorni Hui was a Rodian female who served as one of the inaugural pilots of the reformed Rogue Squadron in 6.5 ABY. A huntress determined to further her reputation, Hui joined the New Republic as a pilot, and was hand-picked by Commander Wedge Antilles to join the elite Rogue Squadron. Although political pressure forced Antilles to select alien pilots for the roster, he personally assured New Republic Defense Force officials that none of the selected pilots, including Hui, were inferior to any other candidates.

Hui performed well in the Battle of Hensara, where she helped protect a New Republic frigate escaping from Imperial capture. She was nearly killed a few days later, however, when a squad of Imperial stormtroopers launched a covert attack against a Rogue Squadron base on Talasea. The attack claimed the life of her roommate and wingmate, Lujayne Forge, and left Hui with near fatal-injuries that incapacitated her from active duty. She recovered in time to participate in the First Battle of Borleias, a disastrous defeat for the New Republic. Hui was killed in the battle when a TIE Interceptor destroyed her X-wing starfighter.


Early life and joining Rogue Squadron[]

"There's a whole new set of slang to get used to and people from species I barely knew existed that I now have to work with and even share living quarters with."
"That is difficult: my roommate is a Rodian."
―Corran Horn and Lujayne Forge[1]

Andoorni Hui was born and raised on Rodia.[1] Her first name, one of the more common among Rodian females, meant "adventurous" or, more literally, "heedless of danger." Her last name translated to "thoughtful."[2] She grew to become a huntress and, like most Rodians, considered her reputation extremely important. Hui yearned for a way to further it and decided the best way to do that was to serve as a pilot in the military. However, she decided against joining the Galactic Empire,[1] whereas many of her species tended to work with the Empire due to then-Grand Protector Navik the Red having seized power and establishing Imperial ties.[3] Hui joined the New Republic Defense Force and, in 6.5 ABY, she put in for a transfer with the elite Rogue Squadron, which was being reformed by Commander Wedge Antilles.[1]


Rodia, Andoorni Hui's home planet.

Antilles hand-picked Hui as one of the inaugural pilots for the new squadron in 6.5 ABY. Antilles was forced to include certain alien species among the roster due to political pressure, but Antilles assured Admiral Gial Ackbar, the Supreme Commander of the New Republic Defense Force, that none of the pilots selected for political reasons were inferior to any other candidates.[1] Hui was one of the few Rodians to ever fly with the squadron; others included Standro Jcir in 4 ABY[4] and Koobis "Target" Nu in 7.5 ABY.[5]

Hui's call sign was Rogue Twelve and she was assigned to the squadron's Three Flight, which was led by Lieutenant Corran Horn. She was assigned Lujayne Forge, a female Human pilot, as a roommate. This proved difficult at first since Forge had to this point seldom interacted with Rodians and did not speak Rodese. After spending a few days rooming together, however, the two became friends. When it was learned that two Rogue Squadron pilots carried death marks, several squadron members speculated that Hui may have had one since most Rodians were thought to work with the Empire. Horn, a former officer with the Corellian Security Force, helped dispel the rumor by confirming Hui had never been on any CorSec apprehension lists; the two death marked pilots proved to be the Shistavanen Riv Shiel and Horn himself.[1]

Battle of Hensara and injuries at Talasea[]

"Rodians are hunters who live and die by their reputations."
Ooryl Qrygg[1]

Lujayne Forge, Andoorni Hui's roommate and fellow Rogue Squadron pilot.

Andoorni Hui and the rest of the squadron saw their first action at the Battle of Hensara at Hensara III. The mission was to protect the Battle of Yavin, a New Republic frigate that had crash-landed on Hensara III, from capture by the Imperial Strike-class cruiser Havoc. The battle was a Rogue Squadron victory with no casualties among their ranks, and Hui scored at least two individual kills.[1]

About one month after the squadron was reformed, the Rogues were moved to a training base on Talasea, which was intended to serve as a staging area for an eventual move against Imperial-occupied Coruscant due to the planet's proximity to the Galactic Core. One night, however, a platoon of Imperial stormtroopers were dispatched to the base by Admiral Devlia, based on information provided by Imperial Intelligence agent Kirtan Loor. The stormtroopers killed Lujayne Forge in her sleep and seriously wounded Hui, who became incapacitated for the rest of the assault.[1]

Due to the extent of Hui's wounds, as well as complications from her Rodian metabolism, she spent more than twice as much time recovering in a bacta tank aboard the Nebulon-B frigate Reprieve than any of her comrades. She was permitted to attend a memorial ceremony for Forge and six other slain sentries, but was too weak to stand unaided and was provided a hover chair. Antilles noted that Hui's presence at the ceremony despite serious injuries demonstrated her loyalty to her squadron and fallen wingmate. She did not recover from her injuries in time to participate in a retaliatory strike against Devlia and his forces at his Vladet base that resulted in victory for the New Republic. Devlia was killed in the assault.[1]

Death at the First Battle of Borleias[]

"Break harder, Twelve. Climb."
"Not do. Lateral stabilizer gone."
―Corran Horn and Andoorni Hui during the First Battle of Borleias[1]
RogueSquadron cover art

The First Battle of Borleias, where Andoorni Hui was killed.

Hui recovered in time to fly in the First Battle of Borleias, an attempt to capture the planet Borleias from Imperial control in order to use it as a staging point for a future assault against Coruscant. Due to the poor planning of New Republic General Laryn Kre'fey and unexpected security measures previously implemented by Imperial General Evir Derricote, the battle proved an overwhelming defeat for the New Republic forces. Rogue Squadron was tasked with escorting assault shuttles carrying New Republic infantry troops to the Imperial base on Borleias after it appeared the shields and weapons of the base had been destroyed. However, the shields and weapons were reactivated and several Rogue pilots, including Hui, were ambushed by reserve TIE squadrons.[1]

After the lateral stabilizer of her X-wing starfighter was damaged, Hui was rendered unable to adequately dodge her enemies. A TIE Interceptor fired shots at her engine and destroyed her craft, resulting in Hui's death. Horn, who unsuccessfully attempted to assist Hui, immediately eliminated the TIEs that destroyed her and took brief pleasure in exacting revenge for her loss. Hui was the second pilot of the reformed Rogue Squadron to die in space battle; Peshk Vri'syk, a Bothan pilot, was also killed only a few minutes earlier.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Twelve has acquired targets."
―Andoorni Hui[1]

Typical of most Rodians due to their love of fighting and active lifestyle, Andoorni Hui had a lean and wiry figure from her life as a huntress. Also like most of her fellow Rodians, Hui thought very highly of her own reputation, which was a determining factor in joining Rogue Squadron and charting the course of her life. While most Rodians tended to work with the Galactic Empire, Hui instead chose to join the New Republic, demonstrating her sense of morals and ethics less commonly attributed to her species, as well as a capacity for independent thought.[1]

Although not up to the flying caliber of such fellow Rogues as Corran Horn and Bror Jace, Hui was talented enough as a pilot to warrant a personal selection by Wedge Antilles for the newly reformed Rogue Squadron. Whereas her alien colleague Peshk Vri'syk acted arrogantly and detached from his fellow Human pilots, Hui got along with her wingmates and cared about them, as demonstrated by her insistence upon attending Lujayne Forge's funeral. She also expressed genuine remorse when she received high simulation scores at Horn's expense by mimicking a tactic he created. Hui possessed a strong sense of honor and duty, which she proved by rejoining the Rogues in the First Battle of Borleias even as she was still recovering from serious injuries.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Andoorni Hui was created by Michael A. Stackpole and first appeared in X-Wing: Rogue Squadron, the first novel in the X-wing series. She was first illustrated in the Japanese edition of the Rogue Squadron novel.[1]



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