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Andooweel was an Outer Rim planet in the Andooweel system of the Arkanis sector, located on the Triellus Trade Route.


Discovered during the Great Manifest Period, Andooweel was an impoverished world with small pockets of industrial and agricultural districts, both of which were unsuccessful. At some point, several mining operations were begun; though nothing of value was ever uncovered.[1]

Citizens of Andooweel were among recruits to the Imperial Army during the Galactic Civil War. Some had chosen to join the Imperial Army instead of going to jail for petty theft and illegal speeder racing and were to be trained on the planet Sirpar at Training Camp IMIIF-138. A group of Rebel agents successfully infiltrated the base posing as recruits hailing from Andooweel to retrieve starship parts from Nonessential Equipment Storage and Disposal Facility 456 on the planet.[3]

Circa 15 ABY,[4] former Director of Imperial Intelligence and Prophet of the Dark Side Cronal established himself as a warlord on Andooweel. Obsessed with creating art, he hoped to use advanced cybernetics to overthrow both the Imperial Remnant and New Republic, creating an "Empire of art." He was eventually killed by Luke Skywalker.[2]



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