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"Clever, Platt, but there is one man who is just too clever for you!"
―Andor Javin[src]

Andor Javin was a TriNebulon News reporter.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Javin operated from the city of Camalon on Trantor. He owned a droid named V1-CH, with whom Javin uncovered a possible link between smuggler Platt Okeefe and rogue newsnet operator Cynabar. A loyal Imperial citizen, Javin reported this to the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations, which showed little sign of following Javin's lead.[1]

At some point in his career, Javin reported on the supposed secret identity of the Imperial agent Cronal, also known as Lord Shadowspawn or Blackhole. He claimed Shadowspawn was an Arkanian genetics master named K'am'ir Zaarin. Zaarin was supposedly in league with a clone of the then-deceased Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and had an army of clone warriors.[2]

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