"I find it somewhat humorous that Tavier, for all his hatred of our organization and what in which we believe, has no problem using the very same equipment the Republic devised for its many skirmishes against forces like his army."
―Colonel Andrephan Stormcaller, Alliance to Restore the Republic.[src]

Andrephan Stormcaller was a Rebel Alliance officer.


A light-eyed Human from Entralla, Stormcaller was a tactical expert and a veteran of many conflicts. Alongside Airen Cracken, he was responsible for the development of SpecForces units used by the Alliance. He also developed the SpecForces Infiltrator units, even serving in one of them for a time.

In 2 ABY, while his brown hair was going gray, Stormcaller was a member of the Task Force on Alliance Security. He wrote reports on the Guiteica Militia, explaining that their equipment was far too outdated to be a real threat to the Alliance. He was also surprised that Militia leader Quaal Tavier Catharius, a strong Republic-hater, would use so many Republic-designed machines.[1]

During the New Republic, Stormcaller became disillusioned because the government did not want to help his native planet. He decided to desert his service to the New Republic and create his own mercenary unit, the Red Moons.

As the leader of the Red Moons, Stormcaller assigned Sully Tigereye to command a rescue operation on the children of the ambassador of Cantras Gola, who had been kidnapped by the Karazak Slavers Cooperative as a means to blackmail the politician. The mission was successful.[2]

Stormcaller had a habit of smoking Shento cigars.



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