The Andrevea River was a long waterway that passed through several regions on the planet Naboo before flowing into a swamp. During the Invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY, the river was the site of several skirmishes between pilots of the Royal Naboo Security Forces and the Trade Federation near the city of Ferentina.


The Andrevea River on Naboo stretched from its source in the planet's glacial regions[1] to the vicinity of the city of Ferentina before letting out into a swamp.[2] A mainland river delta lay at one point along the waterway. The banks of the Andrevea River featured varying terrain as it passed through different regions of Naboo. In the glacial regions, the river was bounded by ice and rocks, while the part of the river near Ferentina had steep banks with grass and beaches.[1]


During the Trade Federation invasion of the planet in 32 BBY,[3] launched against Naboo in response to trade disputes,[4] the Federation established slave camps for Naboo citizens on the banks of the Andrevea River. In order to liberate the camps, Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes of the Royal Naboo Security Forces utilized a stolen Federation gunboat to travel down the river from a destroyed Federation base at the river's source in Naboo's glacial regions to the river delta, where the camps had been established. Along the way, Sykes had to blast through a wall that blocked passage along the river at the edge of the Federation base. He also had to contend with water-based mines and Trade Federation patrols.[1]

Upon releasing the prisoners from the slave camps, Sykes joined up with his wingmen and led a convoy of the rescued civilians from the camps to Ferentina, where an ambush forced the convoy to continue on land and take Flash speeders while Sykes took an N-X Police Cruiser. During the ambush, Ferentina was heavily damaged by Federation bombers.[1]

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The Andrevea River appeared in the 2000 video game Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo as the setting for two consecutive missions. The river later received an entry in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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