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Andrew Woolfson was a male Human explorer, who discovered Sylvia IV and the Sylphe species. It was he who gave them this name.


Andrew Woolfson led a team sent by the Galactic Republic and explored the Sylenia V system some decades before the Ruusan Reformation. He encountered a native species on Sylvia IV and named them Sylphes.

The Galactic Republic named him as the head of the Azul brigade, formed from both Human and Sylphe soldiers. He then married a female Sylphe of the unit and had a child, who they named Layahna.

In 1125 BBY, Woolfson was sent with the Azul brigade to Arrakad. The planet was a raider's lair from which attacks were launched against Republic commerce convoys in the Rigel-Hurib sector.

The battle was a quick victory for the Republic, but the unit's repatriation was delayed by the lack of fuel. The repatriation took five months to arrive on Arrakad, and the metabolism of the Sylphes wasn't adapted to the arid climate of Arrakad. All of them died before the ships arrived. The Human survivors of the brigade deserted or vowed to take revenge, without success. Andrew Woolfson committed suicide on Arrakad to follow his wife, deceased because of the climate.

Behind the scenesEdit

Andrew Woolfson was briefly mentioned by Franck Vidal for an ambiguously canon roleplaying scenario which appeared in the French magazine Avalon 2.

His name is misspelled "Woolfsar" twice in the Azul brigade entry of the article.


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