Andro Hoverdale was a male conman who lived at the time of the Galactic Civil War.

Years before the Battle of Yavin, he hired a young Twi'lek entertainer named Propti Xaroon to entertain him. She was still young and inexperienced, making it easy for Hoverdale to steal all of her belongings, including her family jewelry, identity chips and all of her money.

By 1 ABY he had become the leader of a group of criminals, the Hoverdale bandits that operated out of a cave in the Tatooinian desert. When a mercenary seeking Xaroon's endorsement for membership in the Azure Cabal asked Xaroon for an assignment, she sent the mercenary to Hoverdale to bring back her belonings. The mercenary attacked the bandits and eventually found Xaroon's belongings inside the hideout.

But before the mercenary could take Xaroon's pouch, Hoverdale discovered the intruder and attacked. A fight ensued in which Hoverdale was killed.

Behind the scenes

Andro Hoverdale is a a Non-Player Character (NPC) in Sony Online Entertainment's MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. He is part of the Azure Cabal quest line, which was added to the game with Chapter 6: Dangers of the Wild in May 2007.

In the bandits' cave, the player has to kill bandits until a clue to the pouch's location is found. If the player takes too long to get the pouch after getting the clue, Hoverdale sents the player a warning. A short time after this warning, Hoverdale appears near the player and attacks. If the player is quick, it is possible to complete the quest without having to fight and kill Hoverdale.


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