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The sentinel droid was an android used by the Republic Military

"Most people have forgotten that 'droid' is short for 'android,' meaning manlike."
Lando Calrissian[src]

Androids were droids built to resemble humanoids. However, it seems that in later times the term became synonymous with cyborg, an organic being with body parts replaced by artificial ones.[1]

The word droid was an abbreviation of the word android, but nevertheless, androids were categorized differently from droids.[2] For instance, C-3PO, R2-D2 and Mon Julpa, who was disguised as an android, were referred to as "two droids and one android". However, it should be noted that C-series protocol droids were also designed to be humanoid in appearance, so C-3PO himself would also qualify as an android.

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