"Where I come from, man takes your dignity, you break his teeth."
―Andronikos Revel[src]

Andronikos Revel was a male Human captain in the Galactic Republic before he deserted and became a pirate during the Cold War.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In the Republic[edit | edit source]

"Call it misspent youth."
―Andronikos describes his life in the Republic military.[src]

Andronikos joined the Republic Navy and made a rank of captain before eventually deserting. He was an accountant on Muunilinst when he decided he wanted more adventure and robbed a few million credits from the head of InterGalactic Banking Clan. His friend Carl Norn made Andronikos Revel first mate on his ship Bloodshot Rancor, though Norn eventually lost the ship due to gambling problems.

Piracy days[edit | edit source]

For five notorious years, the pirate Andronikos Revel terrorized the Republic and Imperial space alike as the captain of the Sky Princess. Known for his sharp temper and sharper flying skills, he was one of the few pirate captains to serve as his own pilot. At some point they received a tip from a Republic Strategic Information Service agent Harman Rike about free-trader in neutral space, but were blasted by the Imperial fleet that showed up and Andronikos became convinced Rike set them up on some purpose.

His piracy career was cut short by a strange mutiny after his crew raided a ship carrying valuable artifacts. His first mate Sylas Wilkes robbed all of Andronikos' possessions and ejected him in an escape pod. Andronikos spend ten days inside the pod before being picked up by the Imperials who had been hunting the artifact. After a year in Imperial prison, Andronikos Revel was let loose, with Darth Zash hoping he'd lead her back to the artifact. He had been meticulously hunting and killing the mutineers who betrayed him ever since.

When hunting the artifacts of Tulak Hord for Darth Zash, Kallig had gone to Tatooine, where they were told to ask Andronikos for information regarding its location. Andronikos revealed that Wilkes was in possession of the artifact, and agreed to help Kallig if he could get his revenge. He had an inside woman, Casey Rix, keeping tabs on Wilkes and was asked by Kallig to lure him into a trap. Andronikos and Kallig then went to Wilkes' hideout and defeated him, but he revealed that the men he assigned to guard Andronikos' special blasters and the artifact had stolen it three days earlier. After Andronikos silenced Wilkes once and for all, the two set out to find the thieves but only found data pad recordings, corpses, and the artifact. This angered Andronikos, as he was unable to take revenge, but decided to let go of it and asked to accompany Kallig in the Inquisitor's travels.

While on his journey with Kallig, Andronikos often talked about his history, and was curious about some aspects of Kallig's history. Kallig even allowed Andronikos to pilot the ship. However, Andronikos often departed the ship to deal with old problems, hide from Republic, or take his revenge. He tracked down Harman Rike, but the man was killed before he could give Revel any answers. Andronikos eventually admitted to Kallig that he wanted to continue at Sith Lord's side indefinitely, even offering to teach Kallig's hypothetical apprentices and/or children skills that weren't included in Sith training.

When Lord Kallig defeated Darth Thanaton and ascended to the Dark Council as Darth Nox, Andronikos knelt to the new Dark Lord along with his other companions and his legion of new underlings. Andronikos and the other companions later met with Darth Nox to discuss their future.

Some time after the Rakatan Relics Crisis, Andronikos was listening as the Sith Lord's apprentice, Ashara Zavros, told her master about a vision and how a woman told her that the Sith Lord needed to go to Rishi. Andronikos commented that Rishi was dangerous and full of other pirates, like himself – its coordinates had also turned up in the ship's navicomputer without any prompting. The Sith Lord set course for Rishi, following Ashara's vision.

Soon after the destruction of Ziost, the Sith Lord was called to Wild Space by Darth Marr. While Darth Nox met with Marr, Andronikos promised to watch the ship and requisition new supplies. Very soon after, they were attacked by the Eternal Fleet. The Fury was then trapped at the boarding ramp, so Andronikos called the Sith Lord to help. Lord Kallig managed to get the Fury free and Andronikos piloted the ship to either stay and help Marr's fleet, or return to warn the Empire. Either way, Marr's ship was destroyed, and Darth Nox disappeared.

During the Eternal Empire's conquest of the galaxy, Andronikos returned to Dromund Kaas with the rest of the crew, only to have the Fury grounded, the crew separated, and trapping Andronikos on Dromund Kaas.

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"Last time I cried I was six years old, the old man shot me in the foot to shut me up. Besides, I got a reputation to protect."
"Oh, I know. Big bad pirate has a nasty temper."
"I hear you've got a temper of your own."
―Andronikos and Kallig comment on their tempers[src]

Even though he had a brutal childhood, he was able to become an accountant, but he wanted excitement in life and robbed the bank he was working for. It didn't take him long to fall into a life of piracy.

Despite being a charming criminal who enjoyed challenges, he was not known for being the kind of guy to forgive somebody, especially not those who double-crossed him. However, he would get very irritated when he was unable to take revenge, especially when someone else killed his targets.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Andronikos Revel is voiced by Steve Blum.

Andronikos can be in a romance with the female Sith Inquisitor. Once their relationship reaches its peak, they decide to wed. If he is romanced, in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire, the player will receive a message from him, telling her what happened after returning to Dromund Kaas, stating that he doesn't believe she died on Marr's flagship and that he will commandeer a shuttle to find her if he doesn't hear from her.

After Darth Nox's disappearance and his escape from Dromund Kaas, Andronikos attacked the Eternal Empire's fleets, partly for the credits involved, but mostly because he felt like he owed Nox. Having considered their time as allies to be "his best job ever". He will remark on his Ghost Hunting exploits should the Outlander be a Sith Inquisitor, upon tackling his recruitment mission following the Knights of the Eternal Throne main storyline.[2]

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