"You not do nothing to superior flyer, Commander Bey! I best you got!
"Most reckless" is not the same as "best", Andurgo. the only reason you stay alive is that your wingman, Monia, keeps the imps off your butt."
―Andurgo and Jhoram Bey[2]

Andurgo was a male Dug pilot who left Malastare and served the Galactic Alliance Remnant in 137 ABY. He was a member of Rogue Squadron and wingmate to Monia Gahan, and he considered himself the finest pilot of the squadron.


Andurgo welcomed the newest Rogue, former stormtrooper, Hondo Karr, to the squadron in what he considered the most hilarious way possible — by riding on him. But Karr refused to be ridden and began a knife fight. However, their fight was cut short by Rogue Leader Jhoram Bey. Karr took the blame for the fight, and by doing so, he earned the respect of Andurgo. They made up by getting drunk.[2]

Andurgo flew his CF9 Crossfire starfighter in the Battle of Mon Calamari, this time as the wingmate of Ronto. His showboating antics almost got Ronto killed, angering fellow Rogue Anj Dahl. Luckily Ronto managed to eject and was captured by the Empire, but was later rescued by Imperial Knights Treis Sinde and Sigel Dare.[3]

He later participated in the Battle of Ralltiir. He also participated in the defense of the Hidden Temple on Taivas fighting Skull Squadron. After this Andurgo, with the other Rogues, fought in a battle held at Coruscant and in the skies over the planet he was killed by a Sith starfighter.



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