Aneesa Dym was a female Pa'lowick smuggler, born on the planet Nar Shaddaa, and pilot of the Dusty Duck.


Raised by her father Neeamesh Dym, the creator and original pilot of the Dusty Duck, Aneesa Dym learned the smuggling trade at an early age. After her father's murder at the hands of an angry customer, she fell in love and partnered with bounty hunter Rango Tel, the man who captured her father's murderer. Aneesa accompanied Tel throughout his short-lived career and was with him when he journeyed to Mos Espa in search of his latest bounty. She was killed in 32 BBY by Darth Maul while aboard the Dusty Duck, waiting for Tel to return from the capture of Kam Nale.

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Aneesa Dym was created by Hyperspace member Greg Mitchell, a.k.a. Hedec Ga, as part of his Dusty Duck backstory for the What's The Story? campaign on



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