"Good grief! There must be some error. This facility is neutral. Even the Empire, Re-"
"Shut up junk!
―Beilert Valance destroys a robot orderly during his raid on Anglebay Station[src]

Anglebay Station was a neutral, unaligned medical station located on the Outer Rim world of Telos IV. Active during the era of the Galactic Civil War, Anglebay Station offered its services to both Imperials and Rebels alike during the conflict. During the Kwymar Suppressions in Telos' home sector in 17 BBY, some Imperial casualties were sent to Anglebay Station: this included Beilert Valance, a stormtrooper commander who was grievously wounded on Doniphon. On Anglebay Station, Valance was rebuilt with cybernetic parts, ending his military career and pushing him into a life as a bounty hunter. In 0 ABY, driven near to madness by his hatred of his mechanical state, Valance led an attack on Anglebay Station that slaughtered everyone in the facility and ultimately completely destroyed the hospital.


"Wait! This is just the computer record section. There are no drugs... anything of value!"
―An staff member at Anglebay Station during Beilert Valance's attack[src]

An isolated medical station on the Outer Rim planet of Telos IV, Anglebay Station was known during the Galactic Civil War for its neutrality, offering healing services to Imperials, Rebels, and unaligned individuals alike. The station heavily employed droids among its staff, along with a sizable contingent of organic employees. Anglebay Station had a unit of in-patient bays that housed recuperating patients, along with an extensive computer records system that carried information on every patient who passed through the facility.[1] During the early Imperial Period, bacta treatment at Anglebay Station was often rationed out based on the patient's rank and prognosis. In cases where a patient wasn't considered priority to receive bacta treatment but had suffered serious injuries, Anglebay Station was known to perform surgeries that infused the subject with cybernetic parts.[2]


"We're rounding up all the robot orderlies, Captain."
"You know what to do, Slssk.
―Slssk and Beilert Valance during the attack on Anglebay Station[src]

Active during the era of the Galactic Civil War, Anglebay Station offered medical services to people regardless of their affiliation, both Imperial and Rebel alike. In 17 BBY, that included a young stormtrooper commander named Beilert Valance, who suffered grave injuries in an Imperial assault on a rebel outpost on Doniphon. Doniphon was located in the same sector as Telos IV, and Valance was brought to Anglebay Station for treatment. Wounded from a torpedo impact, Valance was admitted to Anglebay Station with severe blast and burn damage to his head and torso, and his prognosis was rated poor. As bacta supplies were prioritized for higher-ranking personnel, Valance instead received surgery that rebuilt the damaged parts of his body with cybernetics. Valance awoke over 11 days later, realizing to his horror that he had become a cyborg[2]—although he recovered to walk out of the hospital some time later, his career in the Imperial Military was over.[1]


Beilert Valance leads the attack on Anglebay Station.

Seventeen years later, Valance returned to Anglebay Station a very different man. Despising his own status as a cyborg, the former Imperial officer had become a dangerously unhinged bounty hunter leading a rough-and-tumble crew across the Outer Rim. Valance had hidden his cybernetic replacements ever since his departure from Anglebay Station, and in 0 ABY he decided it was time to destroy the past for good.[1] To achieve this, Valance ordered his crew to attack and completely destroy Anglebay Station, leaving no survivors—although his men were killers, this act of wanton slaughter gave many of them pause until Valance assured them they would be very well compensated.[3] Once his gang was on-board, Valance led his men in a destructive raid on Anglebay Station, indiscriminately murdering whoever they came across.[1]

While one group of his men focused on killing everyone in the facility, with particular malice reserved towards Anglebay Station's droid population, Valance moved on to his main objective, the station's computer records. Once there, Valance and several of his thugs completely destroyed the station's archives, erasing all trace of his treatment there more than a decade before. Meanwhile, the other group of raiders—led by Valance's Hutlarian second-in-command Slssk—swept through the in-patient bays, butchering the patients, doctors and staff they found within. However, Slssk and fellow hunter Remel Fud by chance overheard an interesting piece of information from a senile elderly man in one of the in-patient bays: the bedridden man's ramblings linked a Lepi smuggler named Jaxxon to wanted Rebel fugitive Han Solo and a mysterious "farmboy" who had become Valance's obsession. After reporting this to Valance, the crew sped off to track Jaxxon down, obliterating Anglebay Station with proton charges as they departed.[1]

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Anglebay Station first appeared in Star Wars 16: The Hunter, written by Archie Goodwin and released in 1978, although it was unnamed in its original appearance.[1] The station stayed unidentified until 2004, when author Jason Fry gave it the name "Anglebay Station" in the Star Wars Miniatures scenario Mission 2: Destroying the Past.[4]



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