"Not scum. Ania. Ania Solo."
―Ania Solo[src]

Ania Solo was a Human female who was a member of the House of Solo, and descendant of two Rebel Alliance heroes; the smuggler Han Solo and the Jedi Knight and princess of Alderaan Leia Organa Solo. She was also a distant cousin of Empress Marasiah Fel and Jedi Cade Skywalker. Towards the end of the Second Imperial Civil War, Ania escaped from an Imperial prison camp on Drash-So and encountered the kindly assassin droid AG-37, who gave her transportation offworld to honor a promise that he made to her ancestor Han Solo. By 138 ABY, Solo was working as a junk dealer in the Carreras system, and she accidentally discovered the lightsaber of Imperial Knight Yalta Val after an Imperial communications droid containing the lightsaber turned up in her junkyard. Enlisting the help of her Mon Calamari friend Sauk, Solo attempted to sell the weapon on Carreras Major, but soon became the target of a Sith posing as Val. Assisted by Sauk, AG-37 and an Imperial Knight named Jao Assam, Ania found herself in the middle of an insurgency led by a rogue Sith Lord named Darth Wredd. The consequence of their action was the destruction of the Galactic Federation Triumvirate's communications array in the Carreras system, which brought Ania to the attention of Empress Fel.

After the Carreras Incident, Ania joined forces with Jao Assam to hunt down Darth Wredd. Tracking him to the dead world of Dac, Ania and Jao discovered that a Sith Lord named Darth Luft had secretly been constructing a pirate fleet, using the remains of the Mon Calamari Shipyards and a slavery operation composed of Mon Calamari and Quarren refugees. Assisted by a Triumvirate force led by Admiral Gar Stazi and Yalta Val, they succeeded in saving the slaves and killing Darth Luft. However, their hunt for Wredd had been stalled as they discovered he had not been on Dac and that he had manipulated them into killing Darth Luft. Matters where complicated when Ania's past caught up with her. Framed for the murder of an Imperial Knight named Teemen Alton, she was kidnapped by her former lover Ramid who wanted to collect the bounty on her head as revenge for her abandonment of him in the past. They were forced to work together when a mysterious bounty hunter shot them down and became determined to capture Ania. The true murderer of the Imperial Knight and a former guard at the prison camp where Ania had been imprisoned during the war, the bounty hunter killed Ramid and tried to frame Ania for Alton's murder. However, Jao saved her and they were quickly retrieved by a squad of Trandoshan stormtroopers, who arrested Ania. Put on trial for her alleged crime, Ania's innocence was eventually proved by Master Val and Jao who produced evidence clearing her.

However, Jao was arrested for his desertion from the Imperial Knights and sentenced for execution. Before the sentence could be carried out, Jao was broken out by Darth Wredd. With the consent of Empress Fel, Ania, her companions and a force of Trandoshan stormtroopers were secretly sent to recover Jao. Using coordinates sent by the latter, Ania and her team tracked them to the floating dead world of Mala, the location of the Carreras Incident. After rescuing Jao, ships carrying infiltrated members of the One Sith arrived as did Empress Fel and a fleet of stormtroopers and Imperial Knights. A great battle ensued on Mala between the Sith and the Knights during which Ania and her companions temporarily joined forces with Darth Wredd, who had orchestrated the whole confrontation to destroy the Sith. Once the battle was done, Wredd turned on them and tried to kill Empress Fel, badly wounding her. After a brief confrontation with Jao during which the Imperial Knight refused to kill the rogue Sith, Ania killed Wredd with a blaster rifle. Following the defeat of the Sith, Ania refused the empress's offer to become the captain of her personal guard and instead chose to continue her travels through the galaxy with her companions and a pardoned Jao.


Early life and imprisonment[]

"She is a Solo. I made a promise to a Solo [Han Solo] once. That's really all there is to know."
―AG-37 describing his special relationship with Ania Solo[src]

Ania's first encounter with AG-37

A Human female descendant of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo,[2] Ania Solo lived through the Second Imperial Civil War of 130138 ABY, in which the Galactic Empire under the Sith Lord Darth Krayt was defeated by the Alliance of the Empire-in-exile, the New Jedi Order, and the Galactic Alliance Remnant. Early in her life, some people believed that Solo would come to a bad end, while others believed that she had a great destiny ahead of her; Solo, on the other hand, did not believe in destiny.[1] At some point prior to 138 ABY, she developed a romantic relationship with a spacer named Ramid.[3]

Towards the end of the Second Imperial Civil War, Ania Solo was sent to an Imperial prison camp on Drash-So in the Selvatas system for murdering an unidentified individual.[4] Her love interest Ramid also ended up in the prison camp.[5] During her imprisonment, Ania was regularly abused and tortured by a sadistic female guard, who had a prosthetic left hand and wielded a lightwhip.[4] Ania and Ramid attempted to escape the prison camp but caught the attention of the guards. During the escape, Ramid was shot and recaptured but Ania managed to escape. Ramid was severely punished for the escape attempt and developed a grudge towards Ania, whom he unfairly blamed for abandoning him. While Ania regretted abandoning Ramid, she had no way of ascertaining that he had survived.[5]

Following her escape from the Imperial prison camp, Ania Solo encountered the kindly assassin droid AG-37. While Ania had pulled a gun on AG-37 during their first encounter, the two would become close and loyal friends. Several decades earlier, AG-37 had made an unspecified promise to Ania's ancestor Han Solo. AG-37 recognized Ania as a descendant of Solo and took pity on her. Seeing that she had no money to buy a transport out of the Selvatas system, AG-37 granted lodging and passage to Ania Solo.[5] Seeking to escape the troubles in the Selvatas system, Ania fled to the remote Carreras system, a star system near the Surd Nebula in the Outer Rim Territories.[6]

The discovery[]

"You know, I'm not originally from the Carreras system. I ended up there almost by accident. Some people thought I'd come to a bad end. Some thought I was destined for greatness. They were both wrong. I bought myself a junkyard and ignored them. I don't believe in destiny."
―Ania Solo[src]

Solo and Sauk discover the Imperial Knight Yalta Val's lightsaber

While visiting Carreras Minor, Ania encountered a homeless Mon Calamari engineer named Sauk, who had lost his family during the One Sith's genocide against the Mon Calamari. Taking pity on a total stranger, she helped Sauk secure lodging and a meal. As a result, Sauk came to respect Ania for helping him in his hour of need and the two became close friends.[7] By 138 ABY, Ania Solo had succeeded in establishing a junkyard on Carreras Major.[6] An insectoid individual named Tham and its Human partner delivered a shipment to her, and Tham became agitated when Solo refused to pay their price of ten thousand credits. The Human attempted to threaten her, but Solo summoned a large droid which she ordered to escort Tham and the man back to their starship.[1]

While looking through the shipment of junk, Solo discovered an Imperial communications droid, which had actually been launched by the crew of Imperial Knight Yalta Val a week earlier before their ship had been attacked. Solo took the droid to an ice mining platform in the rings of Carreras Minor, where she met with her friend Sauk and showed the Mon Calamari the comm droid. However, as Sauk examined the droid, the pair discovered Val's lightsaber, and Solo urged Sauk to shut off the lightsaber almost immediately when he activated the weapon. She then convinced Sauk to help her sell the lightsaber, persuading the Mon Calamari that it was their chance at a big score.[1]

On Carreras Major, Sauk and Solo witnessed a guard shoot an alien in the middle of the street, and she brushed aside Sauk's complaints and led him to a nearby shop. However, the owner refused to even consider buying the weapon in fear of being discovered by Governor Biala's security forces. When the shop owner insinuated that he might turn the pair in for possessing the weapon, Solo angrily confronted him, but the owner threw both Solo and Sauk out into the street. They were quickly set upon by a mounted guard, and Solo ran into an alleyway with Sauk to avoid the guard—but the two were forced to stop before they ran into a crowded intersection, allowing the guard to catch up to them. Angered by how the man called her and Sauk scum, Solo refused the guard's order to hand over the lightsaber and drew her blaster instead, shooting the man in the stomach and killing him.[1]


"Look, I'm sorry, Sauk."
"You're sorry, but I'm a refugee again. Only now I'm a criminal, too. Why can't you ever leave well enough alone, Ania?"
"I didn't plan for any of this. I just—"
―Ania Solo and Sauk[src]

Solo and the lightsaber

Pursued by more guards, the two fled through Carreras Major's sewers in Solo's ship, and Solo ordered Sauk to use the lightsaber to defend them when she realized that the targeting lead on the vessel was damaged. When Sauk accidentally damaged a pipe when Solo swerved after being hit by their pursuers, Solo used the cloud of smoke that issued from it to escape through an access tunnel to the surface. The two returned to Solo's junkyard, where Sauk continued to work on the Imperial comm droid, but Solo insisted that she would not abandon Sauk, though she intended to get rid of the lightsaber. Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of AG-37, a droid and frequent customer that Solo was friends with, and she directed him to the north side of the junkyard to find a linear converter. Before departing, AG-37 warned Solo to get rid of the lightsaber, and it was only minutes later that an Imperial Knight arrived with guards from Carreras, demanding the return of the lightsaber.[8]

However, Solo refused to give him the weapon, claiming ownership by right of salvage, and she summoned her large droid to convince the Knight to leave. However, the Knight simply pulled the lightsaber out of her grasp and used it to destroy the droid before he departed, ordering the guards to kill Solo and Sauk. Fortunately for the two, the guards were distracted by several gesaw rats scavenging the remains of Solo's droid, allowing Sauk and Solo to escape into the junkyard. Firing at her pursuers, Solo and Sauk fled deeper into the junkyard, but the timely arrival of AG-37 saved them from execution as he eliminated the guards. AG-37 brought the two aboard his ship and offered to take them as far as Bonadan, and when Solo questioned him as to why he was helping them, he confused her by explaining that he always paid his debts.[8]

The droid then expressed his suspicions about the Imperial Knight's hostile actions, and Solo headed back to apologize to Sauk for the trouble she had caused, though his resentment was cut short when he repaired the comm droid enough to the point where it began to display a hologram. The droid displayed an image of an Imperial Knight battling a Sith, prompting Solo to call for AG-37, and the droid pointed out that the Knight in the hologram—the one using the lightsaber that Solo had discovered—was not the same Knight who had attacked them at Solo's junkyard. Their conversation was interrupted by the ship's proximity alarm, and the three were dismayed to see an entire blockade of ships.[8]

Forced to turn back towards the interior of the Carreras system, AG-37 followed Sauk's instructions and headed towards an unstable part of Carreras Minor's ice ring, piloting the freighter through tunnels in the ice as their Carreras starfighter pursuers followed. Thinking of a way to stop the fighters, Solo rushed to the freighter's cargo bay and opened it, venting Sauk's ship and sending it flying into the starfighters, which were unable to avoid it in the narrow tunnel and collided with the ship. AG-37 quickly landed the freighter on Carreras Minor's surface, where Sauk finished repairing the comm droid as Solo grew frustrated with the group's decision to sit and wait. However, the ship was attacked by a tentacled creature, prompting AG-37 to head outside after ordering Solo into the pilot seat, but Solo passed his orders on to Sauk and headed outside with AG-37, donning a face mask and grabbing a blaster.[9]

While battling the creature, Solo was nearly killed by one of its limbs, but the timely arrival of Imperial Knight Jao Assam saw him defend her and then drive off the creature enough for the ship to escape, though the two were nearly thrown off the top of the freighter in the process. Solo immediately drew her blaster on the Knight when they landed nearby, and Assam explained to AG-37 and Solo that he was looking for his mentor, Yalta Val. AG-37 convinced Sauk and Solo to stand down, explaining that "Val" had been attacking them, and the Imperial comm droid showed Assam the hologram of the fight. Assam identified the Knight in the hologram as Yalta Val, leading the group to realize that the Knight they had encountered before was an impostor, and AG-37 allowed Assam to load his starfighter into the freighter's hold before the group departed the planet to find the real Val.[9]

Helping her friends[]

"No. Listen. Solo wasn't special. He was a criminal. But he stepped up when everything depended on him. He did because it was the right thing to do… and because his friends needed him."

Solo attacks Darth Wredd.

Evading more pursuing starfighters, the group followed the comm droid's coordinates into the Surd Nebula, though they were surprised when their pursuers broke off upon reaching the edge of the nebula. To the surprise of Solo and the others, when the freighter arrived at the coordinates where Val had vanished, there was no planet to be found, and they were soon captured in the tractor beam of a larger ship.[9] Dozens of tiny droids burst through the hull when the freighter was deposited in the larger ship's hangar, and Solo and her friends were forced out into the hangar where they were captured by Carreras guards. Knocked unconscious and imprisoned in holding cells on the Carreras G51 communications array with Sauk and a deactivated AG-37, Solo began searching for a way out immediately upon awaking, but her efforts were in vain. Some time later, Sauk came to the realization that the planet they had been searching for had in fact moved, though the two were unable to do anything with the knowledge at the time.[10]

The three of them were finally freed when Jao Assam was liberated from his separate imprisonment by Governor Biala, who had realized that the false Knight was trying to destroy the array. Solo was insulted by Assam's insistence that they would be unable to take on the Sith without Master Val, and she continued to argue with the Knight as they headed to the hangar—but when they encountered the Sith in the hangar, Solo ignored Assam's warnings and opened fire on the Sith's departing ship. The Sith escaped the explosion and leaped back to the hangar floor, where he choked Solo with the Force and threw her aside. The Sith made short work of AG-37 and sent Sauk flying into the bulkhead before engaging Assam in a duel, and though Assam was able to score several hits on the Sith, the fight ended with Assam being tossed out of the hangar into space as the Sith escaped in a new ship.[10]

When Solo came to, she was horrified to find the hangar destroyed after the battle, and AG-37 urged her to pursue the Sith and stop him, reminding her that her ancestor Han Solo had become a hero because he always helped his friends. Grabbing Assam's fallen lightsaber, Solo took Assam's starfighter and headed for the moving planet—now located just in front of the communications array—in pursuit of the Sith. Spotting the Sith's shuttle, Solo headed down into a series of caverns, where she found the newly-proclaimed Darth Wredd declaring an insurgency and preparing to execute Yalta Val live on camera, a spectacle that was being broadcast all over the galaxy using the Carreras communications array. Solo interrupted Wredd's speech and opened fire upon the Sith, but he used the Force to disarm her before he entangled her in wreckage and threw her to the floor.[2]

However, Yal summoned Assam's lightsaber from Solo's boot just in time to free himself and stop Wredd from executing him, and the two began to duel as Solo freed herself. Seeing that the array was about to crash into the planet, Solo fled the caves and returned to Assam's fighter in hopes of saving Sauk and AG-37 from the array, and she dragged her injured friends to the freighter despite Sauk's pleas that she save AG-37 and get to safety. Escaping aboard the freighter, AG-37 flew back down to the planet's surface and Solo rushed to the boarding ramp so that Master Val could leap aboard, and the freighter escaped just before the array crashed into the planet. Tending to Sauk in the medbay, Solo apologized to her unconscious friend for involving him and getting him hurt, but Val and Solo were called to the cockpit by AG-37 when the droid encountered a surprise—Jao Assam, floating in space but still alive thanks to the Imperial comm droid. Solo began to care for Assam in the medbay as well when they brought the injured Knight aboard, and Solo repeated her apology to Sauk when the Mon Calamari awoke—but Sauk brushed it off, reminding Solo that she had saved all of her friends.[2]

Detour to Nalyd[]

"We have to find him [Darth Wredd]. We have to stop him. If we don't, no one else will."
―Ania Solo[src]

Ania commandeers a Nalydian giant spider during Dieben's "rescue attempt"

The group immediately set off in pursuit of Darth Wredd, but damage to the ship soon left them dead in space, and the group tended to their wounded as they activated the Imperial comm droid to call for help. Solo and her friends were soon met by the Imperial Star Destroyer Animus, which brought AG-37's ship aboard, and Solo was given a brief tour by one of the Imperial officers, who informed her that Empress Marasiah Fel herself was impressed with Solo's actions during the recent crisis. Fel was requesting a formal audience, and the officer expressed her belief that Solo could gain a comfortable assignment on the capital Coruscant from the audience, as the Triumvirate wished to keep her happy. Solo soon learned from Sauk that AG-37 had offered her friend a job as an engineer on his ship, and AG-37 offered her a place on his ship as well, but when she decided to take the offer on Coruscant, the droid advised her to remain alert before departing the Animus with Sauk.[6]

A little while later, Jao Assam confided in Solo that he had foreseen Darth Wredd attacking the Empress, and the Knight admitted his belief that Wredd wished to make Assam his apprentice to reinstate the Rule of Two Sith doctrine. When Assam brought up the idea of destiny after the two discussed Wredd's megalomania and his desire to kill off the other Sith, Solo confided in the Imperial that she did not believe in destiny, and the two agreed to do what the Empress expected of them. However, Solo eventually decided otherwise and went to Assam's quarters, where she convinced him to join her in hunting down Wredd. Once Assam had donned his armor, the two headed for the hangar to secure a ship, but found Master Val and a squad of stormtroopers waiting for them.[6] Master Val attempted to reason with Assam by reminding the younger Imperial Knight that they had orders to serve the Empress. Assam tried unsuccessful to convince Val that Darth Wredd still posed a serious threat that needed to be stopped.[11]

Their conversation was interrupted by a trigger-happy stormtrooper, who triggered a brief fire fight. During that brief skirmish, Ania fired at least one shot. Jao Assam used his lightsaber to deflect their blaster bolts and told Ania to hide behind him. In the end, Assam was able to call a truce by telling Master Val that he did not want any bloodshed. Val agreed and ordered his stormtroopers to cease fire and stand down. Master Val allowed Assam reluctantly to leave with Ania on his quest but warned the younger Knight that he was being selfish. Unlike Ania, Assam was an Imperial Knight and was expected to serve the Empress, who was guided by the Force. Ania then urged Jao to leave before Master Val and his stormtroopers changed their minds. Ania and Jao then departed Animus on a stolen shuttle.[11]

While traveling through hyperspace, Ania asked Assam about whether his vision had given him any hint of where they should be traveling. The two of them also browsed through regional incident reports for information on Darth Wredd's whereabouts, which included files on court martials and prisoners of war. Ania also asked Assam how long the authorities kept these records and whether they stretched back through the Second Imperial Civil War. She also wondered whether the Triumivrate would have purged these documents as well. Assam commented that Wredd was probably a Sith apprentice since he did not wear the traditional Sith tattoos which most members of the One Sith wore. The Imperial also speculated that Wredd could have been serving anywhere during that time and that they should look at files relating to that period. Ania also noted that many people were forced into doing things during the war that they did not want to.[11]

At that point, Ania recognized one of the individuals on the file as Dieben, a Nalydian who had been Darth Wredd's henchman on Mala. Following the destruction of the Carrerras communications array, Dieben had been picked up in an escape pod in the Surd Nebula. The two quickly learnt that Dieben was a wanted fugitive who had been extradited to his homeworld of Nalyd to face punishment for various crimes. Ania and Jao then travled to Nalyd, a planet of swirling orange fog. After landing at a spaceport on that planet, Assam discovered from local sources that Dieben had been sentenced to death for various felonies including the assassination of a minister, assaulting an "officer of the law", and the sabotage of a public transport resulting in ten deaths. As punishment, Dieben was to be executed by firing squad in a public arena.[11]

Before the execution could be carried out, Ania commandeered a spider-like creature and "rescued" Dieben. Together with Jao and Dieben, Ania fled the arena. They were pursued by the Nalydian authorities, who also rode spider-like creatures and fired blasters. During the escape attempt, the spider was shot and the three beings fell down a steep cliff. While Ania and Jao survived the fall, Dieben was not so lucky and was impaled by a sharp needle-like plan, resulting in wounds that led to his death. While Ania and Jao were unable to extract any information from Dieben, they quickly found out from the guards that Dieben had planned to rendezvous with Darth Wredd on the planet Dac following the events in Carreras. Dac, the homeworld of the Mon Calamari and Quarren species, had become a 'dead world' after the One Sith unleashed a biological weapon into its oceans the previous year. Meanwhile on Coruscant, Ania's activities attracted the attention of Empress Fel herself who ordered Ania's apprehension and also condemned Assam to death for desertion.[11]

Mission to Dac[]

"Not a bad deal, if you ask me. They get to be heroes and you didn't have to chop them to bits."
"What they told us isn't much to go on."
―Ania Solo and Jao Assam prior to their journey to Dac[src]

Luen, Tikin, Ania, and Jao hurtling to the depths of Dac's poisoned oceans

Ania Solo managed to convince the Nalydian guards to release her and Jao Assam by pointing out that the latter was an Imperial Knight who was skilled in lightsaber combat. In exchange for returning Dieben's body to the Nalydian authorities, the Nalydians informed the two companions that Dieben had indeed planned to rendezvous with Darth Wredd in Dac. While preparing to disembark to Dac, Ania tried to convince a skeptical Jao that Dieben had been telling the truth because he was not smart enough to lie. Jao also recalled that Dieben had bragged about having powerful friends, whom Ania assumed to be Darth Wredd. Since the One Sith had poisoned Dac a year ago, the planet had become uninhabited and was lawless. There was some criminal activity in the Calamari system since the Galactic Triumvirate lacked a presence there. Ania replied that Dac's lawlessness made it a perfect hiding place for the Sith.[12]

Upon exiting hyperspace, Ania and Assam arrived outside the Mon Calamari Shipyards, a series of orbital shipyards which had fallen into ruins since the Mon Calamari genocide. Ania and Jao's shuttle was quickly attacked by two Dac pirate droids which proceeded to wreck the starship's systems. However, Jao managed to shake off the intruders. Their shuttle was then caught in a tractor beam and then dragged into a hangar bay. Two criminals, an Aqualish and a Gran then approached the shuttle. However, Ania and Jao fought against the two criminals and overpowered them, stealing their clothes and armor. Jao deduced that the two were merely common criminals but sensed the presence of the dark side of the Force, which implied a Sith presence. Followed by their Imperial communications droid, Ania and Jao explored the shipyard and quickly discovered that a pirate gang had taken over the shipyards and were forcing enslaved Mon Calamari and Quarren to build a fleet of pirate ships.[12]

Jao and Ania also managed to make contact with a Mon Calamari and a Quarren named Luen and Tikin respectively. Luen revealed that the Mon Calamari and Quarren refugees had been lured back to Dac by promises of making the planet habitable again. Tikin added that the pirates had held their children and elderly relatives hostage in order to force the able-bodied Mon Calamari and Quarren to build ships. Tikin also revealed that he had lost his wife during the Genocide and that his son was being held hostage. Luen also revealed that the pirates were part of a criminal syndicate led by some "rogue" Sith. Jao ordered the Imperial communications droid to send an encrypted message to Coruscant informing Empress Fel about the pirates' slave-labor operations in the Dac system. When Ania raised concerns about Jao being executed by the Triumvirate authorities for desertion, Jao explained that the pirates were a threat to the Triumvirate and the galaxy which outweighed his own predicament.[12]

Jao, Ania and their two local "guides" were then pursued by more pirates. After dodging their pursuers through the shipyard, the four encountered the Sith Darth Luft, a tall red-skinned male Twi'lek. Darth Luft revealed that he had no connections with Darth Wredd and derided the rogue Sith for rebelling against the One Sith. He also mentioned that the One Sith had sent emissaries to contact the Galactic Triumvirate and claimed that the government was not interested in Dac. Instead of killing Jao, Ania and the two escaped slaves, Darth Luft decided to dump them through a trapdoor into the poisonous oceans of Dac. The four fell into an escape pod which was immediately jettisoned into the ocean world.[12] Due to the presence of viral spores in Dac's oceans, one single drop was enough to kill a living being.[13]

While Ania and her companions faced certain death as the escape pod plummeted into Dac's oceans, the Imperial communications droid managed to reconfigure his antenna in order to broadcast their location even from the ocean depths. Meanwhile, Sauk and AG-37 arrived in the Dac system. AG-37 detected the Imperial communication droid's signals from beneath Dac's oceans and quickly deduced that Ania and her companions were trapped in an escape pod. They realized that they had to get to them before the hull buckled since a single drop of the poisoned ocean was enough to kill any lifeform. Meanwhile, Ania was unwilling to resign herself and her companions to death and attempted to gain control of the escape pod's directional thrusters. However, Tikin revealed that the Sith Lord and his pirates had forced their slaves to strip all of the propulsion systems from the pods to use in the fleet.[13]

At that point, AG-37 made contact with Ania and her companions, assuring them that they were going to use their ship's grappling arm to retrieve the escape pod. AG-37's ship had dived into the oceans of Dac and Sauk had fired the ship's grappling gun in attempt to catch the plummeting escape pod. Sauk and AG-37's rescue effort succeeded and they managed to rescue Ania and her companions. AG-37 ship's towed the escape pod into one of the shipyards above Dac where Ania and Jao reunited with Sauk and AG-37. When Ania asked if Sauk and AG-37 had gotten past the pirates, they assured her that AG-37 had already dispatched them. Sauk also confirmed that they had intercepted enough of the Imperial comm droid's transmission to know that their companions needed help.[13]

Stopping Darth Luft[]

"So what? We also liberated the ring and saved a bunch of Sauk's people. After all that, I'm sure we can take down one arrogant Sith!"
―Ania Solo[src]

Ania Solo trying to close the space doors of the Mon Calamari Shipyards

Following their narrow escape from death, Jao Assam expressed his intentions to eliminate Darth Luft and to put an end to the plight of the Mon Calamari and Quarren slave laborers. Ania Solo and AG-37 disagreed with Jao Assam's plan and urged the Imperial Knight to wait for reinforcements before confronting the pirates. Ania stressed that they needed more firepower. AG-37 concurred and announced that they would depart immediately. The Quarren Tikin vowed not to abandon his son in the Mon Calamari Shipyards. However, Assam was adamant on pursuing his crusade against Wredd and Luft. Ania tried to reason with Assam by pointing out that Dieben had lied to them about Wredd's whereabouts and that their quarry was not in the Mon Calamari Shipyards. AG-37 concurred with Ania and announced that they would depart immediately.[13]

In response, Assam argued that they were not led to Dac by coincidence and claimed that he could feel that Wredd was behind the situation. He vowed not to miss this opportunity to stop Darth Wredd. Assam's plans alarmed Tikin who feared that his crusade would endanger his son. He warned that the pirates punished workers who rebelled by hurting their families. Refusing to be part of Jao's plan, he returned to the shipyards. Finally, Ania tried to reason with Jao by warning him that his plan to fight the whole pirate ring was reckless and insane. However, Jao refused to listen to reason and departed to confront Darth Luft and the pirates. Unhappy with these developments, Ania and AG-37 left on their starship.[13]

Shortly after leaving the docking hangar, they were attacked by several pirate starfighters. Ania urged AG-37 to "dispatch" their pursuers but the droid responded that these new starfighters were more formidable than those they had previously encountered. Before AG-37 could finish his sentence, their pursuers were hit by laser fire and incinerated. By then, Master Yalta Val and Admiral Gar Stazi had received the Imperial communication droid's transmission and learnt about the pirate presence in the Dac system. Seeking to free the enslaved Mon Calamari and Quarren captives, Stazi had assembled a fleet of Galactic Alliance warships while Yalta Val brought a detachment of trainee Imperial Knights.[13]

By that stage, a slave uprising had broken out in the Mon Calamari shipyards. In an attempt to free his son Tilin, the Quarren Tikin alerted Darth Luft to Jao Assam's escape. Instead of sparing his son however, the Sith threw Tikin out of the window, killing him. This murder outraged the Mon Calamari and Quarren slaves who began attacking their pirate captors.[13] Jao Assam then entered the fray and engaged Darth Wredd in a lightsaber duel. Meanwhile in space, Ania watched with satisfaction as the Galactic Triumvirate ships arrived. She also destroyed at least two pirate droids which had tried to attach themselves to a Galactic Alliance tanker.[14]

Aware of the amphibian nature of the Mon Calamari and Quarren, Admiral Stazi had brought a tanker among his forces with the intention of flooding the shipyards. This was intended to neutralize the pirates while creating a comfortable environment for the aquatic species. Stazi's plans worked and the pirate's space ring was quickly flooded with water. Imperial seatroopers and Knights under the command of Yalta Val then entered the ring and rounded up the pirates, who unlike the Mon Calamari and Quarren were not accustomed to an aquatic environment. In response to the slave revolt and the Triumvirate attack, Darth Luft had ordered his men to expose the detention bays containing the slaves' family members to the vacuum of space. While several Mon Calamari and Quarren were killed, the flood of water created a massive ice plume that prevented many more lives from being lost.[14]

In space, Ania Solo, AG-37, Sauk, and Luen witnessed the expansion of the ice plume outside the family detention. Knowing that the ice would not hold for long, Ania and her crew vowed to close the bay doors. Donning a breathing apparatus, Ania entered the shipyard with Sauk and the two attempted to access the bay door's controls but found them encrusted in ice. She then ordered Sauk to evacuate the Mon Calamari and Quarren inmates. Meanwhile AG-37 stayed aboard their starship and narrowly evaded laser fire from the space battle. He assured Ania that he would do a loop around and return for her and Sauk. With the ice beginning to crack, she and Sauk were still struggling to evacuate the Mon Calamari and Quarren captives.[14]

With AG-37 preoccupied with dodging laser fire, Ania ordered the Imperial communications droid to travel to Bay 519C's access panel and close the doors. Just as the ice shattered, the Imperial communications droid succeeded in shutting the detention bay's doors, saving countless Mon Calamari and Quarren lives. Meanwhile, Jao Assam succeeded in killing Darth Luft with the help of two Imperial Knight cadets. Following Luft's death, Yalta Val's Knights and seatroopers asserted control of the space station and apprehended the pirates. Meanwhile, the liberated Mon Calamari and Quarren settled in the flooded space ring. As a gesture of reconciliation between the two species, Luen adopted Tikin's son Tilin.[14]

Following the events above Dac, Ania and her companions departed in AG-37's ship and made a jump into hyperspace. AG-37 counseled Ania that pursuing Darth Wredd was the right thing to do but cautioned that they were running short on funds. At that point, they received an incoming transmission that was for Jao Assam. This transmission turned out to be a holographic recording from Darth Wredd praising Assam for following his trail and eliminating Darth Luft. According to Wredd, his plan was now several steps closer to completion. The rogue Sith expressed his desire to thank Assam in person and offered him a place in his reconstituted Sith Order.[14]

Assam was taken by surprise that Wredd had managed to contact them. He lamented that Wredd had wanted to eliminate Luft from the beginning and that Ania and her companions had been inadvertently playing into the rogue Sith's hands. Ania took a more optimistic approach and pointed out that the team had liberated the Mon Calamari and Quarren slaves at the ring. If they could accomplish something like that, Ania reasoned that they could eliminate an "arrogant" Sith.[14]


"But I'd never seen an Imperial Knight before I met you!"
"Then why were you hiding out in the Carreras system? That's about as far off the grid as you can get!"
―Ania and Jao Assam[src]

Ania reunites with her former flame Ramid

One year following the events of the Carreras Incident, Ania Solo and her companions were doing a delivery run to Lasgo Port, a spaceport on a world surrounded by a minefield. After navigating through the minefield, AG-37's freighter landed in Lasgo Port to deliver some cargo. In an attempt to earn some extra credits, Ania attempted to tame a yarthul, a large quadruped beast native to the planet. Unfortunately, Ania failed and lost her comlink as collateral. While walking through Lasgo Port, Ania and her companions discovered that she was wanted for the murder of an Imperial Knight named Teemen Alton. When confronted, Ania vehemently denied murdering the Knight and insisted that Jao Assam was the first Imperial Knight that she had ever met. Suspicious, Jao questioned why she was residing in the remote Carreras system around the time of the alleged murder.[3]

While departing Lasgo Port's planet, AG-37's freighter had to travel through the minefield again. While passing through the minefield, their freighter's fuel injection bay was dented by some asteroid debris. The ship crew sent their Imperial communications droid to fix the damage. While repairing the fuel bay, the communications droid discovered a damaged starship nearby with its crew alive but in distress. AG-37's freighter docked with the damaged starship and Ania and her companions made contact with the crew. During that meeting, Ania met her former love interest Ramid, who claimed that his ship's net isolator had been damaged by a mine causing the ship's shield systems to break down. With their shields inoperative, the starship was unable to travel through space. While Ania reunited with Ramid, her companions return to AG-37's freighter to get tools and spare parts. However, this was all a ruse.[3]

Once Ania was separated from her companions, Ramid and his crew took her captive. Ramid's starship then activated its engines and opened fire on AG-37's freighter, attempting to blow it up in the minefields. Jao narrowly saved their starship from destruction. However, Ramid and his crew took advantage of the explosion to make a jump into hyperspace, taking the captive Ania with them. Ania's companions received a response signal from her comlink, which they trace to Port Lasgo. Since Ania had lost her comlink as collateral during her failed attempt to tame a yarthul, Sauk was skeptical that it is actually her. Knowing that Ramid's starship had made a cold jump into hyperspace, Sauk deduced that they could have gotten no further than two star systems before their fuel ran out.[3]


"Where are you taking me? I demand to see Ramid!"
"Not allowed!"
―Ania and her Nikto captor[src]

Ania being kidnapped by Ramid's crew

On Ramid's starship, Ania was locked in an improvised holding cell. When a Nikto crew member brought her refreshments, she demanded to see Ramid. Ania then overpowered the Nikto guard and hit him in the abdomen with a lose metal rod. However, she was then overpowered by a green-skinned female Twi'lek crew member who restrained her with a blaster rifle. Ramid then resurfaced and forcibly led her back to her cell. When Ania protested and demanded an explanation for his actions, Ramid expressed his anger towards her for leaving him behind at the Imperial prison camp on Drash-so. He also revealed that he was answering the Triumvirate bounty on Ania's head and hoped to obtain some credits as revenge for her alleged betrayal.[7]

When Ania denied killing the Imperial Knight, Ramid refused to believe her and told her to be thankful that he and his crew were taking her to the authorities alive. Ania tried to explain her side of the story but Ramid furiously slammed the door in her face, leaving her in her holding cell. Short on fuel, Ramid and his crew decided to land on the fourth world of an unnamed star system, which was home to a small outpost. This planet was an inhospitable planet with clouds that contained acidic vapor and rained molten silica or shards of glass. While descending into the planet's surface, Ramid's freighter was attacked by a TIE Bomber, a relic from the Galactic Civil War. The smaller and more maneuverable TIE Bomber inflicted damage on Ramid's ship, killing his Twi'lek pilot.[7]

Bereft of a pilot, Ramid dragged Ania out from her cell and forced her to land his ship. At the helm of Ramid's freighter, Ania struggled to land the heavy ship while dodging laser blasts from the TIE Bomber. Following a steep dive, Ania landed Ramid's freighter, damaging the cockpit and killing Ramid's Nikto crew mate in the process. Ramid was alive but unconscious and wounded. A mysterious bounty hunter then emerged from the TIE Bomber, which had landed nearby, and demanded that Ania surrender.[7] After sending a medical droid to treat the wounded Ramid, Ania confronted the bounty hunter and temporarily incapacitated her with a blast to her helmet. Ania then fled into the planet's wilderness.[15]

Ania eventually came across a ruined temple that overlook a valley inhabited by giant beetles. However, she fell off a cliff and slid into the valley where she was immediately set upon by a large beetle. Ania attempted to shoot the creature but was grabbed around the wrist by the bounty hunter's lightsaber whip. The bounty hunter dragged her up the cliff to safety and restrained her using her whip as an improvised set of handcuffs. As the bounty hunter led her back to her ship, Ania protested her innocence, claiming that she could not be the killer since she had been caught so easily. However, the bounty hunter retorted that Ania had shot her in the head which made her unsympathetic to her cause.[15]

The bounty hunter then used a remote to summon her modified TIE Bomber which flew down to meet them. Ania taunted the bounty hunter about working alone, prompting the bounty hunter to tell her to shut up. However, Ania was rescued by Ramid, who proceeded to knock the bounty hunter out with his speeder bike. Distrusting Ramid, she grabbed the bounty hunter's pistol and attempted to shoot Ramid. However, Ramid managed to convince her that he was the only friend on this dangerous world. Before the bounty hunter could awake, Ania and Ramid fled on the speeder bike.[15]


"Couldn't you have crashed us on a nicer planet?"
"I wasn't the one piloting"
―Ania and Ramid, exchanging conversations while lying under the rain[src]

Ramid rescues Ania

Due to a "glass-storm", Ania and Ramid were forced to take shelter under the latter's speeder bike. During that time, Ania and Ramid reconciled their differences. When Ania asked Ramid whether he could have crashed on a nicer planet, he retorted that he was not the one who piloted the ship. Ania's hand was cut by a shard of glass and Ramid urged her to wrap it up. Ramid apologized for his actions and said that hurting her had not been part of his plan. Ania recalled that she had not seen a laser whip since their time at the Imperial prison camp on Drash-so. Ania also confided that there was something eerily familiar about the mysterious bounty hunter she had encountered. Ramid then discussed his plan to travel to the outpost and escape offworld before the bounty hunter caught up with them.[5]

Ania then confronted Ramid on why he had kidnapped her despite knowing that she did not kill the Imperial Knight. Ramid replied that he had been bitter about her leaving him behind during her escape from the Sith labor camp. Ania explained that she had fled because she thought that Ramid had been shot dead by the guard. She had kept on running because she knew that the guard would have shot her dead. She also had witnessed the guards dragging Ramid away and presumed that he was dead. She then escaped offworld which she admitted was not a proud thing. When Ramid suggested that she could have returned, Ania recalled that the prison camp had been liberated and that there was no way for her to ascertain that Ramid had survived.[5]

Ramid then related how he had been thrown into solitary confinement and beaten up by the guards. The only reason the Sith had kept him alive was because they wanted to know Ania's whereabouts. In the end, Ramid had broken down and told them Ania's whereabouts. However, by then, Ania had fled to the Carreras system so the guards assumed him beaten up further. Ania apologized for the beatings and tortures which Ramid had endured and the two reconciled. As the storm began to deteriorate, Ania and Ramid witnessed several beetles approaching. However, the beetles were not interested in them and proceeded to devour the glass shards. Ania and Ramid then sheltered under the giant beetles.[5]

An old enemy[]

"Won't be long now. You seem to be an expedited case."
"You can't really believe that I'm guilty, can you?"
―A stormtrooper and Ania[src]

Bounty hunter tortures Ania

After the "glass-storm" ended, Ania and Ramid continued their journey to the settlement. Ania managed to extract a promise from Ramid to contact her friends. In return, Ramid asked Ania to forgive him for kidnapping her. When they arrived at the settlement, they quickly discovered that it's inhabitants had been killed by the same mysterious bounty hunter who had been hunting Ania. The bounty hunter then attacked Ania and Ramid with her lightsaber whip. During the ensuing struggle, Ramid managed to damage the bounty hunter's prosthetic hand. However, the bounty hunter killed him by breaking his neck. At that point, Jao Assam arrived and attacked the bounty hunter with his lightsaber. While Jao dealt with the bounty hunter, Ania fled out the window only to end up in an "acid storm."[5]

Ania managed to protect her skin and her eyes by pulling her jacket over her head. The jacket was ruined by the acid storm. Fortunately, Ania was rescued by AG-37, who at a great risk to himself, carried Ania to shelter under a cave. AG-37's mechanical body was seriously damaged by the acid storm and Ania was force to shut him down in order to prefer his memories. Shortly later, Ania was surprised by the bounty hunter, who had seemingly gained the upper hand over Jao by igniting a thermal detonator. During the struggle, Ania managed to shove a blaster rifle at her opponent. She then jumped into a chasm but the bounty hunter caught her boot with her laser whip. During the struggle, both women landed at the floor of the pit.[4]

Ania attempted to use her assailant's laser whip against her only to find that it only answered to the bounty hunter's prosthetic hand. After immobilizing Ania with a punch to her head the bounty hunter revealed herself as a former Imperial prison guard from Ania's prison camp. As revenge for her escape, the bounty hunter intended to sever Ania's left hand and implant her prosthetic hand on Ania in order to frame her for the murder of Teemen Alton. The bounty hunter also revealed that she had assumed Ania's identity following her escape and was the real murderer of Teemen Alton. At that point, the bounty hunter was attacked by Jao Assam, who had survived the explosion. Using her laser whip, the bounty hunter gained the advantage over the Imperial Knight. However, Ania managed to break free of her restraints and shot the bounty's prosthetic hand off with a blaster. Before the bounty hunter could kill her, Ania's used the former's remote to use her TIE Bomber to crush her to death.[4]

However, Ania Solo's troubles were still not over. An Imperial shuttle had landed nearby and disembarked a force of Trandoshan stormtroopers with orders to arrest Ania for the alleged murder of Teemen Alton. Jao and Sauk were unable to stop them and could only watch as the Imperials apprehended Ania. On Coruscant, Ania Solo was brought before a military tribunal, that consisted of three officials—the Imperial Knight Antares Draco, a Sullustan Galactic Alliance official, and a female Human Jedi. Knowing the facts about the Teemen Alton case, Master Yalta Val, her old friend, volunteered to represent Ania during the court proceedings. He defended Ania, pointing out that the evidence was circumstantial and stressing Ania's recent actions to save members of the Order.[4]

Representing the prosecution, Antares Draco stressed Ania's guilt and demanded a swift resolution to the case. Yalta Val was able to weaken the prosecution's case by pointing out that Teemen's murderer had a prosthetic hand and that Ania had two biological hands. He added that Alton was strangled by a laser whip that could only be operated by a matching prosthetic hand. Val's evidence managed to sway the Galactic Alliance and Jedi members of the tribunal but Antares Draco remained unswayed and demanded more evidence. However, Ania Solo was saved by the arrival of Jao Assam who presented the bounty hunter's severed prosthetic hand. He explained to the tribunal that the artificial hand belonged to Teemen's real murderer and that this person had tried to frame Ania for a crime that she did not commit. Faced with compelling evidence, the tribunal was forced to find Ania not guilty and to release her.[4]

Following her acquittal, Ania was reunited with her companions Sauk, AG-37 and their Imperial communications droid. Ania admitted that she had been sent to the prison camp for murdering a malevolent individual. However, this good news was shattered by news that Jao Assam had been arrested and imprisoned for deserting the Imperial Knights, a crime that carried the death penalty. Despite clearing Ania's name, Yalta Val explained that by returning to Coruscant, Jao had effectively given himself up. While in prison, Jao Assam was visited by the elusive Darth Wredd himself, who sensed the former's despondency at being untreated unfairly. Darth Wredd offered to help Jao escape from prison by handing him a Sith lightsaber through the bars of his cell.[4]

The Empress' errand[]

"All right. But I'm not getting on one of your ships with a bunch of your goons."
"If there's one thing I've learned as a politician, it's that everything is negotiable."
―Ania and Marasiah Fel discussing Jao Assam's rescue mission[src]

Ania and her Stormtroopers

The following day, Ania Solo sought an audience with Empress Marasiah Fel to request clemency for Jao Assam. However, the Empress' schedule was full. Jao's superior, Master Antares Draco, refused to listen to Ania's petition, and insisted that the Empress' decision would be final and that there would be no clemency for Jao. Meanwhile, Jao Assam successfully escaped offworld on Darth Wredd's starship. Jao decided to follow Wredd in order to discover and foil the rogue Sith's plot against the Empress. Unsuccessful with her attempts to gain an audience with the Empress, Ania rejoined her friends Sauk and AG-37 at the hangar bay, where AG-37's freighter was docking. Ania related her frustrations to Sauk, who reasoned that Marasiah Fel was the Empress of a third of the galaxy. Ania then revealed that she was a distant relation of the Empress but was not sure about the details. At that moment, AG-37 received word from the nets that Jao had escaped.[16]

At that point, a squad of stormtroopers arrived at the hangar and ordered Ania to come with them. Ania reluctantly complied and the troopers let her down a street into an empty hallway. There, Ania encountered Empress Fel herself who had finally decided to grant Ania an audience. After some bantering, the Empress acknowledged that Jao's recent escape was the main reason why she had organized a meeting with Ania. During the meeting, Fel confided in Ania that she thought that Jao had not turned to the dark side but was merely seeking to foil Wredd's plot. Seeking to save Jao's life, Marasiah sent Ania to find him and bring him back. She explained that she could not rescue Jao herself because it was politically inconvenient for her to publicly show leniency towards Jao, a deserter. When Ania confronted the Empress over the Imperials spying on her, Fel admitted that the Triumvirate had eyes everywhere.[16]

For this top-secret mission, Empress Fel assigned Ania a platoon of Trandoshan stormtroopers. Ania agreed to the mission in return for extracting a promise from Marasiah Fel to find a way around the desertion charges. Prior to their departure, Ania briefed her stormtrooper charges and instructed them not to transmit any communications to Coruscant while on their mission to find Jao. She also apologized for the cramped state of the transport compartment which was unsuitable for the large Trandoshans. That evening, Ania and her companions departed into hyperspace on AG-37's freighter to find Jao. They had no clue to his destination so they decided to wait for Jao to transmit a signal to them. Meanwhile, Jao and Wredd landed on the floating world of Mala, which had traveled through space since its destruction at the hands of the One Sith. On Mala, Wredd tricked Jao into transmitting Mala's coordinates to Ania and her companions, intending to lure both the One Sith and Empress Fel into a trap.[16][17]

As planned, Jao's Imperial comm droid, which was stationed aboard AG-37's freighter, received the transmission. Ania intended to change their course as soon as the comm droid had finished feeding the coordinates to the freighter's navigation computer. AG-37 was skeptical of finding anything at their location since it was far from any star system or any current hyperspace route. However, Ania was adamant that there was something on the other side of that hyperspace jump since that was where Jao's message had originated from. Sauk was afraid that it was a trap but Ania insisted on going there since they had no other leads on Jao. After changing course, Ania went to brief the Trandoshan stormtroopers again about the change of course. After asserting her authority, she instructed her charges not to shoot first and reiterated that they would bring him home alive, emphasizing that Jao was not a traitor despite what others were saying. At that point, AG-37 announced over his freighter's intercom that they were arriving at the new coordinates. Upon returning to the cockpit, Ania and her companions were shocked and astounded to discover that their destination was none other than the rogue planet which they had encountered during the Carreras Incident.[16]

The Mala trap[]

"Ania! You shouldn't have come here!"
"Hold still. Well, at least we know you didn't go with Darth Wredd willingly."
―Ania rescues Jao[src]

Ania aiming at a Sith landing ship

As AG-37's freighter descended into Mala's atmosphere, AG-37 advised Ania to brief the stormtroopers. Acknowledging her inexperience as a military commander, Ania admitted forgetting that her charges were in the cargo hold and joked whether it made her a bad boss. When Sauk suggested that they do some planning for their exploration of Mala, Ania pointed out that the source of Jao's transmission had come from the wreckage of the Carreras communications array, which had come to rest on Mala's surface. She speculated that Jao was being housed in a nearby cave. Not knowing what lay before them, Ania ordered her stormtrooper charges to follow her and not to send any outgoing transmissions including comlinks. She reiterated that they did not want to give Darth Wredd any advantage than he already had. Ania and her forces headed down a cave. Unknown to them, the stormtrooper commander, Blue Two held back from the group and transmitted Ania's coordinates to Empress Fel.[18]

Inside the cave, Ania and her companions found a captive Jao, who was being held suspended by several restraints. After freeing him, Jao revealed that Darth Wredd had intended to lure the Imperials to Mala. A fleet of civilian starships landed near the Carreras communications array, but turned out to be a large army of One Sith, who had learned about Darth Wredd's whereabouts and were out to hunt and kill him. Believing that Ania and the Imperials were sheltering the rogue Sith, the Sith leader Fanoste, whose cover job was a diplomat, ordered his followers to attack the Imperials. During the fighting, Darth Wredd resurfaced and came to the aid of Ania's party by killing several Sith with his lightsaber. He also handed Jao a Sith lightsaber, allowing the Imperial Knight to join the fighting. Despite their valiant resistance, Ania's party was quickly overwhelmed by the One Sith horde and were forced to retreat into the Carreras communications array.[18]

Wredd and Jao temporarily succeeded in slowing down the One Sith advance by pushing a wrecked portion of the communications array onto the One Sith horde, crushing many Sith. This enabled Ania, Sauk, AG-37, and the stormtroopers to retreat to a trench position within the communications array. Sauk confronted the stormtrooper who had sent the transmission and accused him of working for the Sith. However, the stormtrooper protested his innocence and stressed his loyalty to Empress Fel. At that point, Wredd arrived and stated that he was the real quarry of the Sith. Darth Wredd tried to rationalize his actions by claiming that he was aiding the Galactic Triumvirate by rooting out the Sith. He also shared with Jao about his ambitions of restoring the Rule of Two and regarded Jao as a prospective apprentice. While acknowledging they were temporary allies, Jao reiterated that he was loyal to the Empress and that he would never join the dark side. As their argument became heated, Ania managed to calm Jao down by telling him that they had to stay focused if they wanted to make their way out in one piece.[18]

Shortly later, the One Sith army caught up with Ania's party and Wredd. Despite fighting back, Ania's forces were quickly overwhelmed by the Sith horde. During the fray, Ania fired on several Sith. She also saw a Sith sneaking up on Sauk. Before the Sith could finish the Mon Calamari, he was struck by a laser blast fired by a Predator-class fighter. Ania and her companions quickly realized that a Triumvirate force under Empress Fel had arrived in Mala, using the coordinates sent by the stormtrooper. Predator fighters flew over the wrecked communications array and strafed several Sith. After the One Sith rejected an ultimatum by the Imperial authorities to lay down their arms, the Empress deployed her Imperial Knights and stormtroopers onto the battlefield, thus beginning the second stage of the Battle of the Floating World.[18]

Stopping Darth Wredd[]

"Not to complain or anything, Ania -- But why are we still alive?"
"All we're doing is delivering insect bites, Sauk ... I guess we're just not that important"
―Sauk and Ania discussing their role in the Battle of the Floating World[src]

Ania kills Darth Wredd

A fierce and savage battle ensued between the Imperial Knights and the One Sith. Ania and her companions aided the Imperial Knights by helping to kill Sith but Ania felt that they could do more to help the Imperials. During the fighting, Ania and Suak came to the assistance of Empress Fel's wounded lover Antares Draco, the head of the Imperial Knights. Empress Fel, who had arrived on the battlefield, thanked Ania for her actions. Ania also recovered a heavy repeating blaster from a fallen Trandoshan stormtrooper and then instructed Sauk to get Draco's comlink. While Sauk instructed the Imperial Knights to evacuate a nearby Chadra-Fan Lander in Sector 2.4, Ania opened fired on the starship, killing several One Sith fighters. The rogue Sith Darth Wredd also aided the Imperials by killing many One Sith, thus extracting vengeance against the Sith for destroying his homeworld of Mala and his family.[17]

By dusk, the Imperial Knights had succeeded in wiping out all Sith resistance with the exception of Darth Wredd. AG-37 theorized that all of the Sith infiltrators in the galaxy had been killed in the fighting. Marasiah Fel ordered the Imperial shuttle Neuer to evacuated the wounded Imperials and ordered her Knights to search for the surviving Sith. While attending to the wounded Antares Draco, Empress Fel was stabbed in the chest by Darth Wredd, who had resurfaced out of hiding. Before the rogue Sith could finish his work, Jao intervened and chased Wredd up a cliff. A fierce lightsaber duel ensued and Jao succeeded in slicing both of Darth Wredd's hands with his lightsaber. Wredd then pleaded with Jao Assam to finish him off, hoping that Jao would kill him in anger and fall to the dark side. He insisted that the Sith had to be destroyed for the sake of the galaxy and for the memory of his family.[17]

However, Jao refused to kill Wredd, having realized his plan. In the end, Wredd was killed by Ania Solo, who fired a blaster bolt to his chest. Following the battle, the wounded Empress Fel was evacuated and Jao reconciled with Master Yalta Val. Jao reasoned that Darth Wredd had engineered the entire battle to punish and destroy the One Sith for the harm they had done to his homeworld. But after it was over, Wredd had realized that there was still one Sith left: himself. Believing that he had delved too deep into the darkness to be redeemed, Wredd had committed suicide by goading Jao into attacking him. In the process, Wredd had almost created another Sith. Following the Battle of the Floating World, several participants including AG-37 and Master Val speculated that all of the One Sith in hiding had been killed during that battle. However, Empress Fel was more skeptical and commented that history had a way of continuing.[17]

A life of adventure[]

"Seems like we picked up a little trouble..."
―Ania and her companions encountering some threat a year after the Battle of the Floating World[src]

Ania and her companions run into trouble

Following the events on Mala, Ania Solo and her companions returned to Coruscant. Ania secured an audience with the Empress Marasiah Fel, who was bedridden and recovering from her injuries. Ania was allowed to enter Empress Fel's medical bay by Antares Draco, who was grateful to the junk dealer for saving his life on Mala. Out of gratitude for Ania's help and bravery, Fel offered to make her the captain of her personal guard. However, Ania declined the offer but managed to convince the Empress to drop Jao Assam's desertion charges. Jao was also allowed to leave the Imperial Knights and to join Ania and her companions on their travels throughout the galaxy.[17]

Prior to their departure, Jao Assam had a final meeting with his mentor Master Yalta Val. With the apparent demise of the Sith, Empress Fel had announced plans to reform the Order by removing the rule that the Knights had to pledge complete loyalty to the Empress. Jao also promised his Master never to stray from the light side of the Force. Jao's Imperial comm droid was also allowed to join Ania's party. After embracing Val for the final time, Jao departed with Ania's companions into space. Prior to their departure, Sauk asked Ania about what the Empress had wanted from him. Ania explained that the Empress had offered her a job as the head of her personal guard, a very lucrative and esteemed job offer. However, Ania revealed that she had turned down the offer simply because she could not stand Coruscant.[17]

By the following year, Ania and her companions were traveling throughout the galaxy. While visiting a cantina, Sauk succeeded in purchasing a retrofitted stabilizing coil from Jariah Syn and his companions Cade Skywalker and Deliah Blue. Sauk's purchase of the starship part came at an opportune moment. Shortly later, Sauk, Ania, Jao and AG-37 were attacked.[17]

Personality and traits[]

"You have to try. Your family has always—"
"Stop it. Those people don't have anything to do with me. Do I look like royalty? I work in a junkyard. I wish I could be someone like that—look, I'm just not."
―AG-37 and Solo[src]

Solo refuses to give the Knight the lightsaber.

A Human female, Ania Solo had black hair, fair skin, and brown eyes. She was independent and stood up for herself, and she leaped at the chance to move onto something bigger after she and Sauk discovered the lightsaber of Imperial Knight Yalta Val.[1] When Darth Wredd, a Sith impostor posing as Yalta Val confronted her and demanded his lightsaber back, Solo stood up to him, believing that the law was on her side and that she had the right of salvage to the weapon. However, when the Knight's forces attacked them, Solo came to regret her actions and viewed them as stupid and brash.[8] When roused to action, Solo disliked waiting and planning, believing that one should be proactive, and inactivity was a source of great frustration to her.[9]

Ania was also particularly loyal to her friends, and she was unwilling to put them in harm's way unless she was there with them. When Sauk, AG-37, and Assam were injured in the fight with the Sith that Solo had started, Solo was dismayed and angry with herself for causing them harm, and she apologized to Sauk for her actions—though, as Sauk pointed out, Solo risked her life to remedy her errors and to save her friends.[2] Solo was of the opinion that all governments were essentially corrupt, and she was hostile to Jao Assam upon meeting him in the belief that he was like the Sith impostor.[9] However, Ania soon recognized that Jao was a good and just person and the two became close friends. This friendship led Jao to rescue her after she had been kidnapped and false accused of killing the Imperial Knight Teemen Alton.[5] In return, Ania sought clemency for Jao after he fell into trouble with the Imperial Knights authorities.[16]

Ania's friendship and loyalty led her to refuse to leave AG-37 behind during the Carreras Incident despite his pleas that she and Sauk leave him behind in order to save time to escape the Carreras communications array, which was colliding with the floating world of Mala.[2] Ania was also known for her compassion. On one occasion, she vouched for the homeless Sauk and helped secure him a job and shelter in the Carreras system. Due to this one small act of kindness, Ania earned the friendship and loyalty of Sauk, who was the first to spring to her defense when she was accused of murdering Teemen Alton. In addition, Ania was known for her courage. On one occasion, she took on the assassin droid AG-37 with a gun in a desperate attempt to seek transportation offworld from the Selvatas system, where she had been imprisoned in a Sith labor camp. AG-37 was sufficiently impressed by her courage to recall his old promise to her ancestor Han Solo and to give her free passage on his freighter to the Carreras system.[7]

In Solo's opinion, a smart individual was one that recognized an opportunity and took it, and Solo almost never refused to give up—when captured, she began searching for a way out,[10] and it was only when she was reminded of danger to her friends that Solo began to lose hope in situations. Solo refused to be compared with her famous ancestors in the Solo family, for though she desired to be a hero like them, Solo felt that she was incapable of doing so. However, when AG-37 reminded her of how Han Solo had become a hero because he always did the right thing to rescue her friends, Solo put aside her self-doubt and became determined to rescue her friends and stop the Sith.[2]

Powers and abilities[]

"Done and Done."
―Ania Solo, after dispatching Darth Wredd with her blaster rifle.[src]

Ania Solo was inventive, using Sauk's ship as a weapon against the pursuing starfighters when she realized that AG-37's freighter was unarmed,[9] and she prided herself on being a good shot with a blaster.[10] Her skills as a marksman was put to good use when she killed the rogue Sith Darth Wredd, ending the threat posed by the Sith to the galaxy.[17] Solo was also a capable pilot, able to pilot starfighters, freighters, and other ships of various sizes and models.[2] In addition, Ania had some knowledge of hand-to-hand combat. These skills were put to good use when she attempted to fight off several kidnappers including her former lover Ramid's crew members and a masked bounty hunter, who had been a prison guard in her past.[7][4]

Behind the scenes[]

"The idea of a female lead was pitched to us, and that was a big, big thing that drew us to this project. It's fundamentally the opportunity to do something different in the "Star Wars" universe. It's a female character driving things so it gives you a new perspective on the universe but it's also a new way to tell classic "Star Wars" stories—or a classic type of "Star Wars" story—just from a fresh perspective."
―Gabriel Hardman[src]

Ania Solo is the protagonist of the comic series Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2, a sequel to the original and similarly-named Star Wars: Legacy. The series was written by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman, and additionally penciled by Hardman. The idea of a female lead originated outside of the writing team, but it played a significant role in drawing them to the project—both Bechko and Hardman believe it will allow them to write Star Wars from a fresh perspective. They have described her as a character who relies on her wits and does not take a lot of guff, but is nevertheless not a traditional badass female. Hardman hopes she will be "an inspiring but very down-to-Earth human sort of character, as well.[19]

Solo was first revealed to the public on December 3, 2012, in a solicitation for the series released on Comic Book Resources. She was identified as Han and Leia Organa Solo's great-granddaughter,[20] but Dark Horse Comics' solicitation for Legacy's first issue later named her as their great-great-granddaughter.[21] Bechko and Hardman have stated that how exactly she is related to them is a mystery that will not be revealed soon.[19] Later, Star Wars: Legacy Volume II Book 4—Empire of One, the fourth story arc of the series, confirmed that Ania was a distant cousin of both Empress Marasiah Fel and Cade Skywalker but did not specify the nature of the relationship.[16]

One fan Reed Beebe described Jao and Ania as an interesting duo, contrasting Jao's sense of honor with Ania's sense of preservation. He drew attention to Ania's concern at the danger that Jao was willing to put himself in by alerting the Fel Empire to the pirate presence in the Calamari system. Earlier in the series, Jao had abandoned his post to hunt down the rogue Sith Darth Wredd. In response, the series' assistant editor, Freddye Lins, confirmed that both characters were headstrong in their own way. These traits took them in slightly different directions throughout the series.[22]


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