An animal nursery was a building used by all the major civilizations of the galaxy throughout history for the use of storing docile animals, such as banthas and nerfs, to create a continuous supply of food. Nurseries were produced by droid or organic workers such as Glurrgs or Wookiees at a cost of 100 units of carbon. Many techniques allowed an increase in food production by using advanced processes, such as cloning, stimulant use, and gene splicing. They were utilized by various groups, including the Gungans, the Rebel Alliance, the Galactic Empire, the Trade Federation, the Royal Naboo Security Forces, the Wookiees, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and the Grand Army of the Republic.

The Confederacy of Independent Systems had access to particularly unique animal nurseries. After the Separatist Council was formed on Geonosis, the Geonosians shared their animal training techniques with the member systems. This allowed the Separatists to train acklays, nexus, and reeks. Building an animal nursery allowed an army to use mounted troopers.

Different types of animal nurseries (Naboo Animal Nursery to the right, Gungan Animal Nursery to the left, Imperial Animal Nursery at the top, Rebel Animal Nursery at the bottom, Trade Federation Animal Nursery to the top right).

Types of animal nurseries[]


The Gungan variants utilized the standard Gungan architecture, which included electrostatic bubbles. As such, they also possessed three miniature electrostatic bubbles (two spherical, one cone-shaped) that were presumably storage places. A feeding pit was also located nearby, as well as two pylons in front of the entrance.

Rebel Alliance[]

The Rebel Alliance variants possessed a prismatic generator as well as a tower generator, and utilized timber for the animals. A drinking pen was also nearby.

Galactic Empire[]

The Galactic Empire variants encompassed a large garage area, with a tower and two power supplies nearby. It also utilized a water basin and some tufts of hay.

Trade Federation[]

The Trade Federation variants of the animal nursery contained two generators and a tower, and utilized green plants and a gray matter-like food as food sources for the troughs.

Royal Naboo Security Forces[]

The Royal Naboo Security Forces variants utilized Nabooian architecture, and possessed three towering containers, and two troughs for food and water, with hay being used for the former.


Unlike most nurseries, the Wookiees did not use the typical garage-like method. Instead, it possessed several stairs inside the building, with the main floor possessing lots of greenery, fruits, and wood. It also had troughs for food and water, a makeshift tower, and two containers nearby.

Confederacy of Independent Systems[]

They utilized standard Geonosian architecture, due to their close ties to the Separatists. It included the nursery itself, two pylons, and a tower containing a bell for signaling animals.

Galactic Republic[]

The variants utilized by the Grand Army of the Republic utilized standard Republic architecture, and possessed a generator and at least one hose over the door. In addition, it also utilized hay for at least part of the floor.

Behind the scenes[]

Animal nurseries appear in the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and its 2002 expansion pack.