The Animiasma was the personal starship and mobile headquarters of slaver Phylus Mon during the Clone Wars. Phylus Mon used it to dock his other ships, including his personal shuttle and at least two drone fighters that were used as the ships's first line of defense. He also kept his "zoo" of imprisoned slaves in the ship.


Around 22 BBY, Phylus Mon, holding the Sith artifact known as Darkstaff, steered the Animiasma to the Cularin system. The Animiasma ran the Thaereian blockade on Cularin. She then hid on the orbit of Almas while Phylus Mon raided the Almas Sith fortress in an attempt to repair the damaged Darkstaff. Phylus Mon returned to the Animiasma after the unsuccessful raid. He moved the ship to the Cularin system asteroid belt, as a means to remain hidden after the attack. Unbeknown to him, Jedi Knight Oden Malksch could track the Darkstaff as a consequence of Phylus Mon's attack. Besides, the semi-sentient Darkstaff was modifying the nearest part of the galaxy to its own image. The ship was slowly becoming an extension of the Darkstaff. It turned blacker than any color, and the Darkstaff used the ship's sound system to spread a high-pitch scream that confused and horrified the crew. The security systems, except for the drone fighters, failed. The ship became a dark side nexus.

Behind the scenesEdit

Upon the gamemaster notes in A Mon Alone, the player characters are supposed to destroy the Animiasma during the adventure because a mobile dark side nexus is too dangerous to exist.


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