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Anji was a nexu cub born around 43 ABY.


The cub's mother was killed by Jedi Knight Leia Organa Solo at the Coruscant Livestock Exchange and Exhibition when she attacked an Ithorian. Anji was then temporarily adopted by Solo's granddaughter, Allana Solo. After getting approval from Tenel Ka, Allana permanently adopted the cub. Anji was shown to be very protective of Allana and appeared to be sensitive to the feelings Allana radiated in the Force. She became Allana's constant companion, even accompanying her into the catacombs of the Jedi Temple.

Despite being a "tamed" nexu, the Solos took safety precautions. Anji's back quills were dulled, her talons were clipped, and a special device had been implanted in her jaw preventing her from biting down hard enough to draw blood. Despite these limitations, she was dangerous enough to take out the eye of a Sith trying to kill her mistress and continued to attack until physically thrown off by the suffering Sith. As a nexu, her ability to learn commands based on hand signals was good due to their several eyes. Anji did not do well with space travel as she would often get sick.

Behind the scenesEdit

Allana Solo by Brian Rood

Allana with Anji.

Anji appears in the multi-story Fate of the Jedi series.



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