Ank Ki'Shor was a planet in the Indrexu sector of the Outer Rim Territories.


Ank Ki'Shor was located along the Perlemian Trade Route. It was a manufacturing world willing to do business with most anybody.[2]


Discovered during the expansion of Xim's empire circa 25,000 BBY, Ank Ki'Shor was gathered into the Indrexu Confederation nearly a century after Xim's death. It was eventually part of the Tion Hegemony when the Tion Cluster joined the Republic.[2]

In the Republic's final years, the Tion Cluster worlds joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems and were later members of the Galactic Empire. Ank Ki'Shor and the Indrexu sector were carved out of the Hegemony by the Empire.[2]

Ank Ki'Shor became a key supplier to the Rebel Alliance in its formative years.[2] Annexed by the Galactic Empire, Imperial forces stormed the sector, sending the Imperial Navy to invade the worlds of the Indrexu. As the siege began, members of the Rebel Alliance rushed to Ank Ki'Shor in Y-wing starfighters and managed to defend countless thousands of citizens from being killed by bombing raids.[4]

While the invasion was unsuccessful, the Empire continued to loom over the world, even after Emperor Palpatine's death. As Warlord Zsinj's Empire spread, Ank Ki'Shor was engulfed in the Imperial feuding.[3]


By 25 ABY, Ank Ki'Shor boasted a population of 1 million to 100 million sentients.[3]



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