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"We were the Anklebiter Brigade from Coco-Town. That means something."
"It means two things: zip and squat. People don't even know what we did. You think people care about a buncha orphans who hid in the sewers and messed with the bucketheads and other Imperials? I dunno if you noticed, but we aren't on Coruscant anymore. And even if we were–so what?"
"They care. We did more than that. We passed messages. Told them about troop movements. We gave them intel, Iggs. How do you think the rebels retook Coco-Town? That was us."
―Streaks and Iggs[src]

The Anklebiter Brigade was a group of youngsters on Coruscant who provided information to the Rebel Alliance and assaulted Imperial positions for control of the CoCo Town area after the Battle of Endor. Their members included Jak, Streaks, and Iggs.[1] In 5 ABY, members of the Anklebiter Brigade rescued Grand Vizier Mas Amedda from the Imperial Palace during the Battle of Jakku. His escape allowed Amedda to sign the Galactic Concordance with the New Republic, ending the Galactic Civil War.[2]


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