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The Ankura were a race of the Gungan species. Unlike the Otolla, Ankuras had hooded eyes, broad wide heads, and green skin. Like the Otolla, they had long ears, which were sometimes tied together behind the head.


The Ankuras had been separate and distant from other Gungans until the founding of Otoh Gunga by Gallo, an Ankuran. The new underwater city brought all Gungans together in a unified community, under the rule of the Gungan High Council. In the total Gunga population, the Ankurans made up a relatively small percentage; however, they long maintained a strong presence on the Council. Several Ankura Gungans thrived in Bartyn's Landing, the capital city of Lamaredd. Bamfurd managed and owned Bamfurd's Tapcafe;[1] and a street wrestler named The Mighty Musstoro operated in the Center Sphere District.[2]


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