"Think on it, Derran. Daala, Isard, Leonia Tavira; these were women and they made life miserable in the New Republic. This is a delicate matter and needs a woman's touch."
―Anlys Takkar to Derran Takkar[src]

Anlys Takkar was a female Human Imperial loyalist, the wife of the exiled Moff Derran Takkar, and also the lover of one of his few remaining followers, Chik Apla.


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Takkar participated in her husband's plot to sabotage the wedding of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade, along with Apla and her husband's other remaining associates, Iry Danta, Chala Venan, and Banner Sumptor.

When Banner and the others failed to kill Skywalker (Banner actually saved him), Anlys stepped up with a plan of her own: find the wedding dress maker and send Chik to kill Mara during the fitting. Using her skills at information gathering Anlys discovered that the dress maker was Jari'kyn. Chik was sent out to her address, but Mara soundly defeated him and he was captured.

During the final attempt to disrupt the wedding, Anlys lead Banner and two mercenaries to intercept the dress on the way to the wedding. The plan went well, until Anlys ordered Banner to kill Jari'Kyn. Banner refused to murder an innocent and turned on the mercenaries, killing them. Anlys attacked Banner, clawing his face with her nails and drawing a knife, but was knocked out with a blow from behind by Jari'kyn. Anlys's part in the plot, just like the rest of it, was a failure.

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