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"You've never been to Annaj, Miss Towani, but trust me–only someone doing time on the Endor Moon could find it interesting."
―Hume Tarl[src]

Annaj, known as Cannij Barr by the Ayrou,[1] was a planet in the Inner Zuma Region and the capital of the Moddell sector.


Annaj was a fog-covered globe colonized by the Ayrou, the region's dominant species.[1]

Discovered by Human colonists circa 300 BBY, the Moddell sector joined the Galactic Republic as a freestanding subsector in 50 BBY, with Annaj as its capital. Located at the intersection of the two only hyperlanes connecting the sector with the rest of galaxy (the Spar Trade Route and the Moddell Reach), the world was the first stop for all the ships crossing this remote region.[1]

The sector was taken by the Galactic Empire under which Annaj served as a staging area for the Imperial Navy. Becoming a boomworld briefly during the construction of the Death Star II, it was eyed carefully by the Rebel Alliance's leaders. Immediately after the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor, Captain Gilad Pellaeon ordered the defeated Imperial fleet to retreat to Annaj, which was nearly two days distance traveling at Class One Hyperdrive speeds. The fleet spent several days regrouping and repairing at the planet.[2]

As the struggling Imperial forces withdrew from the sector, the Alliance of Free Planets's military leaders believed that the Unrepentant, an Imperial Star Destroyer, had acquired vital military data and then jumped to report to Imperial agents on Annaj. Eventually the New Republic routed Imperial bases on Annaj.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The in-game encyclopedia entry for Annaj in the PC game Star Wars: Rebellion describes Annaj as a large gas giant. This is contradictory to other sources. This error was later reconciled in the world's entry in The Essential Atlas, which describes it as a "fog-covered globe." Page 188 of The Essential Atlas spells Cannij Barr "Cannij Bar."




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