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"Annihilator at your service. To destroy is to serve, exalted sir."
Bollux, to Viceprex Mirkovig Hirken[src]

Annihilator was an alias given to Bollux by Han Solo when he and the smuggler, along with Atuarre and Pakka posed as members of an entertainment troupe in order to infiltrate the Corporate Sector Authority prison known as Stars' End. Initially they had passed Bollux off as a "robotic raconteur" in order to get past the Security Police who had assembled to scrutinize the facility's unscheduled guests.


"Annihilator" faces Viceprex Hirken's Mark X Executioner.

However, it turned out that Viceprex Mirkovig Hirken, the prison's administrator, had another use for Bollux in mind — he had expected a gladiator droid. Solo attempted to con Hirken into believing that Bollux was indeed a gladiator droid of unique design and gave him the pseudonym "Annihilator". Solo removed Bollux's robotic companion, Blue Max from the cavity in Bollux's chest, stating that Blue Max was Bollux's auxiliary management circuitry. In fact, Solo was searching for a way for Blue Max to tap into Stars' End's security systems and locate the its prisoners.

Hirken authorized Solo to use the prison's general maintenance section to repair the damaged component and waited impatiently for Solo's return. When Solo failed to do so in a timely manner, Hirken came to the conclusion that he was being conned by scam artists posing as members of the Imperial Entertainers' Guild and ordered Bollux to fight his Mark X Executioner, with the intent of having Bollux destroyed as part of his repayment for the fraud that had been visited upon him. The two droids entered the ring and a one-sided confrontation began. In the meantime Blue Max learned what was happening to Blue Max, found the design specifications of the Executioner and discovered a flaw in its design that Bollux could exploit. Blue Max convinced a reluctant Solo to go back to the arena and they arrived just in time to save Bollux's life.

Bollux did not survive the ordeal entirely unscathed and briefly suffered a bout of cyberostasis, which was shortened with the help of Blue Max. After Solo indirectly caused the prison to launch into space, Bollux accompanied him into the facility's detention levels. During the last stages of the prison's evacuation, Solo once again called Bollux by the name of "Annihilator" in an attempt to encourage him to hasten his pace in getting out of there.



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