This article is about the planet originally called Annoo. You may be looking for the planet later called Annoo, Gelefil.

Annoo was an Outer Rim planet located in the Tharin sector. The homeworld of the original Annoo-dat species, they were referred to by xenobiologists as Annoo-dat Prime.


Discovered sometime between the Kymoodon Era and the Rianitus Period, Annoo was under the control of the Hutt Empire as early as the Great Sith War. Remaining under Hutt control for centuries, warfare erupted amongst the native Annoo-dat, leaving the world a barren wasteland.[2] Forced to flee the world, the Annoo-dat adopted space travel and left their homeworld in a mass exodus and conquered neighboring planet Gelefil in 322 BBY.[3]

Abandoned, the world was eventually abandoned by the Hutts as the Galactic Empire pushed them back into a smaller region of space. A barren rock, no other galactic power fought over the world.[2]

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