The Annoo-dat Prime were the original Annoo-dat species. Four-eyed reptilian warriors, they desolated and abandoned their original homeworld Annoo, and conquered nearby Gelefil, thereafter known as Annoo. They were known to have preternatural strength, reflexes, and speed. As well as being reptilian in nature, they had the ability to see into the infrared spectrum, and taste the air in a way reminiscent of snakes. Annoo-dat Prime were also known on rare occasions to be born with two pairs of functional arms, an atavistic throwback to an ancestral form. They have large tails and are typically 8 feet tall.

A notable Annoo-dat was Ashaar Khorda, a terrorist who attempted to destroy Coruscant, the central system of the Galactic Republic. Khorda was stopped and killed by the bounty hunters Jango Fett and Zam Wesell.

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