"We're treating what happened at Aldhani like a robbery."
"What would you call it?"
"An announcement."
―Dedra Meero and Heert[3]

"Announcement" is the seventh episode of the first season of Andor. The episode is directed by Benjamin Caron and written by Stephen Schiff.[1] It aired on October 19, 2022.[2]

Official description[]

The repercussions of the Aldhani heist reach all the way to Coruscant, while Cassian returns home.

Expanded description[]

The fallout from the Aldhani heist is swift and seismic, shaking the Imperial Security Bureau on Coruscant into action, and prompting more intrigue for Senator Mon Mothma. Meanwhile, Cassian Andor returns home to find a much changed Ferrix.

Plot summary[]


In the morning, Syril Karn dresses for an interview with the Imperial Bureau of Standards. His mother Eedy Karn questions his decision to don a brown suit, reminding him that his uncle Harlo has pulled favors for him. While having breakfast, the two hear news on HoloNet about a terror attack and robbery at the Imperial Armory on the planet Aldhani with multiple fatalities. The broadcaster announced that the Galactic Empire has imposed a blockade and launched an investigation. Eedy remarks that the conspirators will regret it.

Imperial justice[]

Meanwhile, Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) Colonel Wullf Yularen addresses other senior ISB officials, vowing that the Empire will retaliate swiftly against the rebel attack. He asks them to consider how tight they will close their fist and talks about the ISB's stringent recruitment standards. In retaliation, Yularen imposes a tribute tax five times the amount stolen from Aldhani on any sector harboring partisan activity. Yularen emphasizes that they will make it clear that nobody steals from the Empire. He adds that the use of any local custom, festival or tradition as a cover for rebel activity will trigger permanent revocation of Imperial tolerance.

Yularen assures his officers that he has spoken with Emperor Palpatine this morning and that the Emperor has granted the ISB access to Imperial Army and Imperial Navy resources. He also announces that the Emperor will be convening an emergency session of the Imperial Senate to propose a legislative package of bills and amendments that will give the ISB unlimited powers of surveillance, search, and seizure.

Yularen also announces that they will be invoking the Public Order Resentencing Directive (PORD) later today. Any criminal act, with even indirect effect on the Empire, will be classified as a Class One offence. All prison sentences will be evaluated and all outstanding fines and levies are to be paid in full. Dedra Meero listens but is visibly upset, which ISB Attendant Heert notices. Later, Heert speaks with Meero, who expresses concerns that Yularen's policies are playing into the rebels' hands. Meero remarks that the Empire is treating the Aldhani incident as a robbery when it is in fact an announcement.

Weighing the cost of rebellion[]

Elsewhere, Luthen Rael listens to a transmitter where he receives news that 80 million credits was stolen during the Aldhani heist and that all military personnel have been replaced and are being interrogated by the ISB. The broadcast also reports that the ISB confirmed that all tracking devices in the escape craft were disabled prior to it reaching hyperspace. In addition, 134 Aldhani residents have been taken into custody under suspicion of abetting the terrorists. Kleya Marki informs Rael that Mon Mothma has come for a visit and tells him to wipe the smile off his face.

Outside Galactic Antiquities and Objects of Interest, Mothma apologizes for the abrupt visit and says she was on her way to the Senate. She announces that she wants to exchange gift she previously got for her husband Perrin Fertha with a different artifact since she isn't sure he loves it. Inside, Mothma asks if Rael was responsible for the Aldhani heist. Rael is evasive and replies that revolutions are expensive. They then move to the matter of Mothma's family funds, which Mothma has had trouble accessing. Mothma reiterates her question and Rael reminds her that he had explained the risk of new faces but that she persisted.

Mothma asks if Rael has realized the gravity of what he has done. Rael asks about the upcoming meeting and says that they may have to reschedule. Mothma tells Rael that she was planning to build a network but Rael reminds her that "turning back will be impossible." He counters that she knew the risk and describes the network as a weapon. Rael says that they have waited long enough. Mothma is concerned about the repercussions of the Aldhani heist but Rael explains that his plan was to get the Emperor to overreact.

When Rael remarks that the events on Aldhani will invigorate their struggle, Mothma replies that people will suffer. Rael replies that is the plan and adds that there will be no rules going forward. Returning to business, Rael tells Mothma that the rebellion will need every credit they can get their hands on and to let her know how the meeting goes. When Mothma says that she won't be purchasing any pieces this morning, Rael laughs and says that he will have more pieces coming in soon. Marki listens to the conversation with interest. After Mothma leaves, Marki remarks that she hopes Mothma is worth it. Rael says that they will see and adds that they can't hide forever. Mon Mothma's airspeeder departs Rael's store and flies into the Coruscant skyline.

A fresh start[]

Syril Karn tours the Bureau of Standards on his first day of work. His supervisor talks about the work that the Bureau does including weights and gauges, redundancy, and verification. The supervisor questions Karn about his prior employment on Morlana One. Karn explains that a "rebel murderer" is running free due to corruption and laxity in the corporate authority. Karn believes that he was punished for trying to uphold the law and do his job of upholding public safety.

He talks about the loss of two colleagues and his belief in the law. Karn says that he seeks to clear his name and have his record expunged. The supervisor offers to help by suggesting a job opening in Fuel Purity. The supervisor ushers Karn towards a desk.

Plots in motion[]

Elsewhere on Coruscant, a hooded Marki walks past Imperial security in a foyer into a public walkway. She follows several symbols on the walkway. Meanwhile, Dedra Meero visits the ISB datavault and requests access to two years worth of data from an unkempt Attendant Felzonis via a Multi-Sector Data Blend. She explains that her survey pool are Imperial Naval facilities and resources. She seeks a record of all missing avionics, comm, navigation, and targeting equipment. When Felzonis asks which star systems, Meero requests all star systems. Meero also asks that the report be kept confidential and that a copy be sent exclusively to her office. Meero asks Felzonis to be discreet.

On Aldhani, Cinta Kaz is about to mount her speeder bike as she watches an Imperial Star Destroyer flying over the sacred valley. Back on Coruscant, Marki meets with a disguised Vel Sartha. She asks about the whereabouts of Andor and says that she shouldn't even be here. Sartha replies that neither of them should be here and reassures her that the money is safe. Marki praises Sartha for hiding the money securely and for her success in recruiting Taramyn Barcona. Sartha says that they weren't so sure about Arvel Skeen, but that it's good that they no longer have to worry about him.

When Sartha asks about Kaz, Marki replies that she is doing what she has been told; receiving and sending messages are both dangerous. Marki then turns to the matter of "Clem," whose real identity is Cassian Andor. Regarding him as a loose end, she implies that Sartha should kill Andor to conceal any knowledge he has regarding Rael. Before Sartha leaves, Marki promises to send what she has on Andor.

Andor's homecoming[]

Meanwhile, a hooded Cassian Andor returns to his adopted family's home on Ferrix. He is greeted by his adoptive mother Maarva Andor and droid B2EMO, who are delighted to see him. Maarva warns Cassian that he cannot stay here since the Empire has expelled Preox-Morlana and taken over Ferrix. Maarva reiterates that he should not be here and reveals that Timm Karlo betrayed him. Marva reveals that Karlo was killed by the Corpos and that Bix Caleen tried to warn Cassian. Rumors are that Karlo either tried to stop her or to catch her when he was killed.

Maarva tells Cassian that the Empire is here to stay. Cassian invites his mother and B2EMO to flee with him, claiming that he has won enough credits to leave. Cassian wants them to leave tonight for a warmer world. As the kettle hisses, he talks about his plans of escaping offworld with his family. He decides to delay their plans to the following day so that he can speak to Caleen one last time.

Intrigue on Coruscant[]

Elsewhere on Coruscant, Mothma attends a party, taking care to avoid two ISB officers. She meets with a visiting Chandrilan named Tay Kolma, who is an old friend and banker. Kolma talks about Mothma's political career and says that he cannot imagine living on Coruscant. Perrin Fertha is nearby talking with some other guests. Mothma is about to talk about something confidential with Kolma when they are joined by her daughter, Leida Mothma, whom Mon introduces. She tells Leida that Kolma is an old family friend who runs the Bank Of Kolma and is close to her sisters.

Not wanting to be in her mother's shadow, Leida quickly gets permission to take leave from the party. In private, Mon tells Kolma that she needs his help for a political plan. He is cautious about getting involved in anything political despite his views on the Empire. He warns that some of his colleagues have taken their political allegiances too far. To avoid arousing suspicions, Mothma encourages Kolma to pretend to drink more punch. She talks about putting up the front of a maverick senator advancing unpopular causes including advocating for Separatist "do-gooders" and battle Imperial overreach.

Mothma asks if she can confide in Kolma. He replies that he doesn't know what she is talking about. She explains that her public persona is a front. She is concerned that the Grand Vizier has infiltrated her Separatist Coalition meetings. Mothma is aware that her driver is an ISB plant who monitors her humanitarian activities. She wants the Empire to think that she is an irritation in order to conceal her true purpose, which is raising money. She seeks Kolma's help in accessing her family accounts for establishing a Chandrilan charitable outreach foundation. Kolma will serve as chairman of the foundation.

Kolma replies that she has not answered his question. Mothma thinks that he is not suitable for the role since he does not share her politics. As Fertha approaches, Mothma warns Kolma that her husband is unaware of her true activities and that he is not to be trusted. Fertha reminds them about an upcoming reunion and returns to serving some guests. Mothma tells Kolma that their meeting is to be continued before joining Fertha.

Farewell on Ferrix[]

Elsewhere on Ferrix, Cassian Andor visits the Caleen Salyard. He speaks with Bix Caleen via an intercom on the door. Andor attempts to regale her with a memory of meeting her father while climbing over the wall. Caleen tells him that he should not be here because it is not safe. After opening the door, Caleen briefly mentions the death of Karlo and blames Andor for putting the entire town at risk by killing two Corpos and returning home to hide. Andor tries to blame Karlo but Caleen points out that Andor cheats, lies and steals. Andor accepts that he has to leave and asks about the buyer.

Caleen says that she does not know the identity of the buyer but only encountered the man through Paak. She explains that they communicate via comlink. When Andor asks Caleen how Rael knows so much about him, Caleen says that she did not share information about Andor to Rael. Andor tells Caleen to tell Rael that he held up his side of the deal and that he needs to forget about him. Andor gives Caleen the 12,000 credits that he owes to Xanwan, Nurchi, Brasso, and Deema. Before leaving, Caleen warns Andor to be careful.

While walking through the streets of the Ferrix town, he avoids a pair of stormtroopers. Andor experiences a flashback of him and his adoptive father Clem watching clone troopers parading. Clem attempts to break up a fight between a Republic supporter and opponent. Someone throws stones at the clone troopers. Their commanding officer believes Clem was the culprit and orders his men to aim their blasters at him.

Back at the Vaneer family home, Cassian Andor greets B2EMO. Maarva Andor tells her adoptive son that she is not leaving. Cassian points out that the Empire has set up a stormtrooper barracks on Rix Road but Maarva counters that the Empire is everywhere. He suggests fleeing to a place without an Imperial presence but she describes her mind as her last refuge. When he asks what is keeping her here, she replies that it is the Rebellion. Cassian thinks his adoptive mother is crazy but Maarva says that she is willing to wait it out.

Maarva and Cassian Andor are still haunted by the memory of Clem's body hanging in the square and confronting clone troopers. Maarva asks Cassian about the rebel attack on the Aldhani Imperial garrison. She tells him that she was encouraged by the attack to remain on Ferrix. Hiding his role in the Aldhani heist, he dismisses it as a robbery but she believes that people are standing up. Cassian thinks that fighting against the Empire is futile but Maarva thinks that running away is not the best way of fighting them.

Maarva accepts her son has a different path due to his traumatic childhood. She counsels him to run away and find peace. Cassian says that he won't have peace because he will be worried about her all the time. Maarva replies that is just love and that he can do nothing about that. She expresses her love for him but surmises that their paths are different. B2EMO tries to speak but Maarva shushes him. She tells Cassian that he will understand. As Cassian takes his leave, Maarva counsels him to stop searching for his sister because she believes there were no survivors on Kenari. She says that what happened there was not his responsibility because he was a child. Before exiting, Cassian vows to return one day.

Imperial office politics[]

At the ISB Central Office, Lonni Jung proposes three theories for the lack of progress in his sector. Major Lio Partagaz orders Jung to conduct a full audit of all Hyperspace routes to Ord Mantell. Lieutenant Supervisor Blevin lodges a complaint against Supervisor Meero for overreaching into his sector. Partagaz asks Meero to explain. Meero counters that Blevin seems more interested in her conduct than advancing integrated Imperial security and shifts the spotlight back to Blevin.

Partagaz questions Blevin about the recovery of the Imperial N-S9 Starpath Unit on Ferrix and reminds him that Meero sought access to his crime reports. Blevin claims that Meero's actions violated the chain of command. Meero contests his account, pointing out that he advised her to reinforce her suspicions with data and to be careful of her work going forward. Blevin counters that Meero found a way to access sector data without filing a request.

Meero acknowledges obtaining the data using the Imperial Emergency Act in the wake of the Aldhani heist to gather data across multiple sectors without official sanction. Meero argues that the Rebellion ignores the artificial sector boundaries which Major Partagaz created. Partagaz is defensive about his sector boundaries and asks Meero to explain. Meero argues that there is a focused organized rebel effort to obtain restricted Imperial military components across sectors. When Partagaz asks for evidence to support her claim, Meero says that unfiltered crime reports support a link between the theft of their most secret equipment and its distribution to rebel groups across the galaxy.

Partagaz questions her methods. Meero reponds that Blevin is aware that she has a documented file ready to go and accuses Blevin of being more concerned with self preservation. Blevin accuses Meero of ignoring the rules and protocol. Partagaz is impressed by Meero's endeavour and says that he will have to think about that. He reassigns the Morlana sector and Ferrix to Supervisor Meero and orders Grandi and Jung to accelerate their efforts. In private, Partagaz compliments Meero for playing the game well but warns her to watch her back.

Trouble in paradise[]

Elsewhere, Andor has adopted the pseudonym Keef Girgo while hiding on the beach resort world of Niamos. He is sharing a room with a human woman named Windi. While Andor is in the shower, she asks Andor to buy more Peezos and Revnog.

Later, Andor is stopped by a shoretrooper, who thinks he is acting suspiciously. The shoretrooper calls for back up as several individuals flee on the beach. The shoretrooper asks if those are friends of his. Andor claims he is a tourist but the shoretrooper does not believe him and calls a KX-series security droid for backup. The droid has finished apprehending other suspects. Andor attempts to reason with the droid but it holds him in a necklock.

Andor is hauled up before a judge in the Niamos Courthouse. As Keef Girgo, he faces charges of disruption, anti-Imperial speech, fleeing the scene of an anti-Imperial activity, and damaging Imperial property. Andor protests but the judge counsels him against that to avoid risking a "Resisting Judgement" charge. The judge sentences him to six years in prison, citing new Imperial guidelines. Despite his protests, Andor is hauled away by two shoretroopers. On Coruscant, Syril Karn browses through records along with countless other employees.



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