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"How did I talk my way out of the Imperial inspection of my cargo? Why, by simply describing the symptoms of my Anoat pox! The berry stains on my face may have helped, too."
―Daxxus explains how the pox was used to avoid the inspection[2]

The Anoat pox was a disease which resulted in colored marks on the victim's skin, among other symptoms.[1] Sometime before 5 ABY,[3] the Blarina Daxxus, with berry stains on their face, described the symptoms suffered due to contraction of the Anoat pox to avoid an inspection of their cargo by Imperials. The Blarina later explained how the inspection was avoided to the Smuggler, the leader of the Uprising with whom the Blarina had agreed to work for.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Anoat pox was mentioned in Kabam's 2015 mobile game Star Wars: Uprising[1] prior to the game's shutdown in 2016.[4] The pox was mentioned in conversation with Daxxus, a character that could be obtained by players in-game.[1]


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