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"Everywhere, the citizens of the Anoat sector embrace their place in the Empire."
―Governor Adelhard[4]

The Anoat sector was a sector located within the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy. It included multiple worlds such as Bespin, Burnin Konn, and Hoth.[1] The sector was once administered from the city-world of Anoat, though the capital was moved to Gerrenthum during the reign of the Galactic Empire.[4]

The Anoat sector was valuable in part thanks to the tibanna gas generated and refined on the gas giant Bespin.[10] It was historically ruled by the Noble Court, a Nothoiin government that for centuries maintained the sector's independence from the Galactic Republic. Other regional powers included the Trade Spine League and the Hutt-led Ivax Syndicate,[4] as well as a number of cults and secret societies like the Kouhun that promoted warfare and bloodshed.[12]

In the days following the Battle of Endor, the sector was blockaded by Governor Ubrik Adelhard, who sought to enforce the authority of his Imperial remnant.[4]

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